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Facebook Cheat Sheet [Infographic]

facebook cheat sheet 1
When it comes to Facebook, image dimensions and ad specs shouldn’t be a guessing game. Facebook Cheat Sheet Understanding the correct dimensions to use for Facebook images, and how they will be displayed on mobile, can have a significant impact on your ability to generate engagement on the social platform. TechWyse created this infographic for marketers, designers, and social media professionals, to quickly learn the dimensions for every type of image on Facebook. The Facebook Cheat Read more [...]

Facebook 360 Photos [Infographic]

Facebook 360 Photos -315
In the landscape of social media, a business owner needs to leverage eye-catching content to grab the attention of prospective customers to drive them into the sales funnel. Facebook 360 photos may be just the thing! Facebook's New Feature: Facebook 360 Photos Using this feature requires either a 360 photo Smartphone, a tablet app, or a panorama image on a phone. The code to recognize and display 360 photos is built into Facebook’s pic-recognition platform once the images are uploaded. Hospitality Read more [...]

How To Use Facebook Live Video

How To Use Facebook Live Video
Facebook Live video is an exciting new way to promote your business. The concept is very basic, but the results are powerful. At the tap of your finger, you now have the ability to create live video content within a Facebook post on a Page, Group, or personal profile. Your audience will embrace the opportunity to engage with your brand in a new way. They'll share in the excitement created by spontaneous streaming content. It should also come as no surprise that Facebook is favoring live Read more [...]

How to Get More Engagement Using Facebook Ads

How to Get More Engagement Using Facebook Ads - 315
With the instant access to the Internet and the millions of people on social media daily, Facebook is the leading social platform to advertise on. Well-planned Facebook ad campaigns are reasonably priced, and can be very effective at increasing website traffic, engaging visitors, and ultimately, generating greater sales. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of a Facebook ad campaign. Know the Target Audience When you know who your target audience is, and write specifically for them, you’ll Read more [...]

10 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Shares

10 Tips to Boost Your Facebook Shares 315
Are you frustrated with your Facebook page engagement results? Most small business owners are scratching their heads, wondering what to do to improve engagement on their Facebook pages. If your page has thousands of followers but a single post typically gets a couple of shares, you need to do more to improve engagement. Below are 10 tips you can implement to boost your Facebook shares. 1. Post Interesting Content If you're simply posting content for the sake of it, good luck getting any Read more [...]

[Infographic] Sales Search Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter

Sales Search Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter 315
This informative infographic, Sales Search Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, comes to us from our friends at Salesforce.com. If you are in business and hustling for sales, then you need to be on social media to uncover the treasure trove of clients. Sales searches on social media platforms like Linkedin, Facebook  and Twitter allow you to narrow down your searches to deliver an ultra-specific pitch. Learn some tips using this Sales Search Cheat Sheet for LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter: Facebook The Read more [...]

How to Get the Maximum Facebook Ad Results with Minimal Ad Management

Maximum Facebook Ad Results with Minimal Ad Management 315
Not everyone has vast resources to spend when it comes to social media marketing. One has to balance quality with cost. Quality content creation, strategic paid media support, and community management are all examples of the resources that make a difference in the performance of your social media effort. Yet, those resources are costly. For the business struggling to decide how to proceed with limitations, there are better ways to run efficient social media campaigns while maximizing ROI. Read more [...]

Infographic: Facebook Page Checklist for Page Admins

Facebook Page Checklist for Facebook Admins header
Regularly reviewing or "auditing" your Facebook page is an important part of successful social media marketing. Facebook's features change and update frequently, and you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your page. Here is a checklist you can use to review your Facebook page to make sure it is up-to-date with Facebook's current rules and features. Maximize Your Cover Photo When was the last time you updated your cover photo? Facebook's current rules for cover photos give Read more [...]

7 Ways to Use Facebook Search to Improve Your Page

Facebook's search bar, called Graph Search, can be an awesome tool to get results for your business if you know how to use it properly. Graph Search is unique because it delivers search results driven by social relevance and interest data. This social data can be very useful; businesses get to know their audiences better. Read on for 7 ways to use Facebook Graph Search to gain knowledge about your audience and improve your page. Find Similar Interests Graph Search helps narrow your search to Read more [...]

How to Write Blog Posts that Get Shared on Facebook

Writing for your blog -- whether you do it yourself or hire someone else -- takes time, effort, and money. You should treat it as an investment and expect good returns. Luckily, effective blogging does pay. Original, relevant content helps build your brand and establish your business as an authority in its industry. People usually turn to Google for answers to their questions, solutions to their problems, reviews for products, and suggestions for plans. Blatant marketing such as pop-up ads Read more [...]