New TabSite Feature: Connect Your TabSite to Google Analytics!

UPDATE: This information is for the Original Version of TabSite which is since replaced in June 2011 by TabSite’s Drag N Build interface.


Facebook TabSite is pleased to announce the rollout of a new TabSite feature allowing you to connect Google Analytics to your TabSite.  Now you can add Google Analytics by simply adding to your Analytics account, grabbing the UA code and droping it into your TabSite manager.

Analytics in TabSite

Available to Pro Facebook TabSite users, this new feature adds tremendous value to your fan page, empowering you with the knowledge of analytics.  This is one of many features and soon-to-be released features that helps set TabSite apart as the most flexible and easy-to-use Fan Page customizing app.

TabSite Analytics

Google AnalyticsTo create an Analytics account for your Tabsite, click “Add Website Profile” from within Google Analytics then enter the URL “” into the identifier as the website you want to track. Click “finish” and then look for the unique UA-XXXXXX-XX Account for this Analytics. Paste that above and click “Add!” Please note: Facebook caches the landing page image, thus providing info from Facebook instead of information on the visitor. This means you will be able to see page views on the Landing page of a Tabsite but not demographics (country, etc.). However, when a visitor clicks on any other page of your TabSite we can then get this demographic information. It is a Facebook limitation at this point based on how they cache images.

*Note: We do not offer support for installation or interpretation of Google Analytics at this time.



For those users that choose not to use Google Analytics, TabSite now has a convenient “Page Views” tracker feature on every page in the CMS.

Page Views


Facebook TabSite provides limitless options and features to fan page administrators, all without needing to know any HTML/FBML code through the use of a simple WYSIWYG Content Editor.  Look for more valued-added features from Facebook TabSite in the near future, and see a live example by visiting our blog on Facebook at



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