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Facebook Adds New REPLY Option to Comments

Facebook is rolling out a new feature for comments posted to a Timeline that allows for a reply to each specific comment.  Once activated, this means no more replying simply by “@ tagging” the user somewhere down the comment thread!

Why the Reply feature matters

The ability for Facebook Page Admins to now directly reply to a specific comment in a thread is a welcome and helpful addition. It allows for more precise and specific commenting back, i.e. replying, to a specific comment.  The value to Pages and to fans of pages is the ability to more easily have a conversation within a conversation and for it to be more orderly in tracking responses.


The feature needs to be enabled by Pages in the Page Admin settings.  Facebook is currently alerting some Pages but if a Page has not be alerted yet by the image below, they can still find and activate the “Reply” settings in within their Page.

Facebook Alert Rolling Out to Pages:

Some Page Managers are now getting an alert from Facebook to make them aware of this new “Reply” feature option.  It appears on the Page Timeline as shown:



How to Activate the “Reply” Setting for your Page:

If Facebook has not yet alerted you as Page Admin of the “Reply” feature for your Page, there is still a method to access and activate it.  First, go to your Page Timeline and in the “Edit Page” drop down menu, select “Manage Permissions” from the menu.



Next, in the Manage Permissions area of your Facebook Page, simply check the box next to “Replies” and select “Save Changes” to activate this feature.  Note that the feature is not retroactive for comments on posts prior to this feature being active and it also can take a bit of time for the feature to activate once turned on.  Ours was active within a few hours after we enabled it.  Once active it will be available on any new post when a comment is created.



Facebook continues to roll out additions that are helpful in creating a better user experience.  Both for fans viewing comments and replies, and for Page Admins replying, the new feature really is a “win-win”!

Have you activated “Replies” on your Page?



New Share Features added to TabSite Contests

TabSite is pleased to announce new additions to the TabSite Photo, Video, and Essay Contests for Facebook Pages.  

Both for the Drag N Build widget option and also for the Engagement App, there is now a “Share” button that is loaded with some extra social sharing features on the Facebook Page Contest tab.

New features in the Facebook Contest include:

  • Option to add Like button with commenting feature
  • Tweet
  • +1 to share on Google +
  • Pin to Pinterest button
  • Friend Share (TabSite’s exclusive feature enabling a fan to share a entry direct to a friend’s wall)
  • Comes with ability to customize the button color and modify the standard text that says “Share”
  • Ability for user to click to copy the URL of the specific entry they are on
All of these features give entrants, voters, and ultimately each Fan Page more power to share the contest and specific entries.  This increased sharing power is a key item in extending the reach of a contest so that more people can come, enter, and vote!
This new Share button feature is active on the thumbnail view as well as after any vote or new entry.  Plus, the features are readily displayed on the large view of any contest entry.
See TabSite’s new Facebook Contest features in action below:

On the public side, entrants, voters, and those coming to view entries have the Social Sharing tools easily accessible.  In the small, thumbnail view a “Share” button appears and upon clicking it has all the share features the Page Admin has set.



Upon clicking “Share” a user gets the large view with the Share features.



The “Like” has the comment feature enabled so users can Like and comment to their wall for all their friends to see.  They can also Tweet, +1, Pin, copy the URL or click the “Share with Friends” to share with a specific friend as shown below.



All of these social sharing tools appear after entering, voting, or clicking the “Share” button or large entry view.  The Share button color and text can be customized as well to fit language and branding.



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TabSite February Webinar – Enhanced Features and Facebook News

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TabSite’s Newest Features for Enhancing Custom Tabs

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