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Countdown Widget Added to Promote Events, Promotions, Contests


Tabsite offers a wide array of widgets and tools to enable powerful and easy customization of Facebook fan page tabs!

With Drag N Build tabs you can drag and drop to build a completely custom design

To use widgets, you must select to add a “Drag N Build” tab when creating a new Tab.

This then creates the tab and gives you the menu below. Simply click on widgets and drag the desired widget to your tab work area.

 One of the widgets is the Countdown Widget.  

The Countdown widget allows you to add a Countdown timer to your Drag N Build tab.
This gives companies an active on tab method to bring attention to the start of a event, promotion, launch, or other activity. The timer is in days, hours, minutes and seconds and the English text can be turned off so that it can be used globally.  The widget is available at the Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise levels.


Select and drag the countdown icon to your tab work areaTabsite Countdown widget Icon




When the countdown widget is dragged to the work area it will open and a user can customize settings as shown below:



Users should set the date and time to count down to and select the time zone to use.

Daylight Savings Time is an option to use, and the English text of “Days, Minutes,” etc. can be toggled off.  This enables those wanting to display other than English the ability to turn the English off.  Then simply use a Content Widget to add text below the numeric countdown.

The Countdown Widget will display on a tab as shown below.  Options shown are with text, without text, with a solid colored background, or transparent background, and when the time has reached it’s finish it displays all zero’s.




The countdown widget adds eye-catching visual movement to the tab and is a great way to create anticipation to the start of your next event, promotion, or other activity.  The countdown widget is available at the Gold and higher plan levels.



April Getting Started with TabSite Webinar



Join us!  

Getting Started with TabSite Webinar
When: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 
Time: 2:00 PM EDT / 11 AM PDT
Cost: Free 

TabSite Webinar

This is a great introductory webinar to help you learn about TabSite, see the building of a custom tab app live, and learn about key widgets and features.

Attendees will learn valuable information on TabSite tools and how to build dynamic features using the TabSite tools and widgets.

Come, learn, and ask questions!


BONUS: 1 Attendee will will a free-for-life TabSite Gold Plan upgrade!








HotLink Feature Enhancement

We’ve added new options to the HotLink Widget! 

Now Page Admins have more flexibility and power to control how links on your TabSite tabs open.

The HotLink widget is available at all paying plan levels of TabSite and is a great way to Image Map a large image.  Simple add a HotLink widget on top of the image, size the transparent box over the area you wish to link, add your url and you’re ready! 

Now with our recent HotLink widget enhancement, you can choose how you want the url to open when it is clicked on within your custom tabs. 

Options include:

  • Open link in a New Window/Tab
  • Open link in Same Window (replaces current page with link clicked)
  • Open in current IFrame – This is the fastest loading option to link to other TabSite tabs or sub-pages because the Facebook page frame is not loaded again, only your new tab content
  • Open Email – this allows you to link to an e-mail address so when clicked their default e-mail client can load with your pre-determined subject line.


We are pleased to roll-out these additions to the HotLink widget to give you more options for your tabs. To upgrade your tab to have the HotLink widget, simply go to www.TabSite.com/steps.


What a Year for TabSite! Looking back and a Look Forward to 2012

TabSite_Blue_icon.jpgThanks so much
for making 2011 a tremendous year
of growth and success for TabSite!!!



  • TabSite users went from 19,000 on January 1 to over 61,000 currently!widgets.png
  • Release of the Drag N Build manager platform for ease of use & powerful functionality
  • Over 3,500 person attending our live monthly webinars since our start in May
  • New features additions including:
  • Release of a pure White Label TabSite platform for agencies
  • And more!

As we look back at the end of this year we are grateful and blessed that TabSite has become a leading fan page platform for small and medium sized businesses.  Thanks so much for your support!

As we look ahead to 2012 we are pumped and excited about the features we have in the works for fan pages and beyond!


  • Watch for a Sweepstakes Widget in January!
  • Coupon and Contest Widgets coming
  • Yes, a Photo Contest tool from TabSite!
  • Ready made Templates to aid in design and building of tabs
  • And, watch for a special announcement about Scheduling Facebook and Twitter Posts early in 2012!

With the addition of sweepstakes, contests, and scheduled posting, TabSite can become your one-stop platform for Facebook marketing…..and watch for us expanding further into other social platforms as well!