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[infographic] Increase Traffic and Convert Leads with Inbound Marketing


Increase-Traffic-and-Convert-Leads-with-Inbound-Marketing-315Many SMBs are shifting to inbound marketing. It’s easy to measure and promises a greater return on investment (ROI) compared to traditional strategies. Here’s how to set up your inbound campaign for success.

Attract Visitors with Compelling Content

Content marketing involves using content to attract visitors and increase site traffic. There are several types of content to consider. Including,  blog posts, white papers, e-books, infographics, and videos just to name a few. Don’t forget to optimize your content for search engines (SEO) and promote them on social media.

Convert Visitors to Leads and Nurture your Relationships

To convert visitors to leads, you need landing pages. If need be, find a professional to help you create highly effective landing pages. Every visitor who provides their contact information on the landing pages is automatically added to your contact list and becomes a lead. For example, the two best tools for lead nurturing are social media and email marketing.

Convert Qualified Leads to Customers And Build Loyalty

Inbound marketing is tailored in such a way that you can know who’s just looking around, who’s shopping, and who’s ready to buy. Furthermore, it’s imperative that you close those who are ready to buy without delay. The content marketing campaign should help build loyalty in due course. Meanwhile, take time to analyze the inbound strategy, identify weak points, and adjust as necessary.

Thanks to The Whole Brain Group for this informative infographic.

Lead Generation in 2019: Tips from Experts [Infographic]


Update for 2019:

What is Lead Generation in 2019

Online lead generation requires many elements to be a success. However, many marketers make errors in the very early stages of their marketing plans. Two of the most common errors are not correctly identifying the target audience and not making proper use of visual content and media.

Target Audiences And The Visual Aspect

The Target Audience

Many failed attempts at lead generation failed due to not targeting the right audience. A targeted audience should be very specific in their profile, wants, and needs. They are often a very specific type of customer who is in need of what a company is selling. Once a target audience is identified materials should be produced that speaks to them and reaches them on the proper platforms.  Offer incentives as a reward for responding to inquiries. This practice can increase response rates.

The Visual Aspect

For a marketing campaign to be effective it has to visually appeal to its viewers. Most people are visual learners and are responsive to visual elements such as pictures and different colored text. In addition to this visitors also respond more favorably to videos. The proper use of visual media is an attention grabber and instead of having to read paragraphs of text to make a point a visitor can understand an image’s core idea within seconds of viewing it.

Thanks to our friends at venngage.com for this insightful infographic.