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25 Ways to Use Social Proof on Your Ecommerce Website & Increase Sales



The social media buzz has pushed nearly every business to social networks lately. According to multiple sources, including HubSpot, at least 71% of small and medium-sized businesses have a social media presence. Statista puts the number at 91.9% for businesses with 100+ employees. Here are ways your business can use social proof on your ecommerce website and increase sales.

Unfortunately, although many SMBs report significant benefits from their social media presence, the majority are yet to maximize social media marketing ROI. For instance, according to Social Media Today, only about 24% of SMBs report a positive ROI on Facebook. It’s incredibly disappointing for a platform with so much potential.

Tips and Ideas for using Social Proof on Your Ecommerce Website

To this end, Red Web Design has rounded up 25 ways to use social proof to help small and medium-sized enterprises get more out of social media marketing campaigns. The tips include:

  1. Tapping into celebrity moments. Celebrities and well-known industry experts can help you get the spotlight on social media – even if for a few days.
  2. Leveraging media mentions. Magazine features, unsolicited reviews, and TV segments are just a few media mentions that can help drive social media performance.
  3. Adding trust seals. Trust seals are critical for conversions. For instance, adding a Verisign trust seal on your checkout pages can increase conversions by 42%.

Check out the Red Website Design infographic to find out 22 other ways to boost social media ROI.

Social Media Marketing Tips to Maximize ROI [Infographic]


Social-Media-Marketing-Tips-to-Maximize-ROI-InfographicThe importance of social media as a marketing strategy for your business goes beyond improving site traffic. With social media, you have a good chance of establishing committed brand advocates, driving sales and leads, and eventually turning your business into a huge success.

With social ROI, you get a good understanding of your position, destination, and where you should be headed if you are to succeed. The following social media marketing tips will give you a better chance of maximizing your ROI.

Make a Plan

The first step in achieving social media marketing success is identifying opportunities and planning on what should be done. You need to answer the following questions when developing a plan:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Which are the most viable social media platforms?

Take Action

After making a plan with all the considerations in place, the next step is to implement the plan. You will need to exploit the opportunities observed in the plan and to align your efforts with a specific target market and goal in mind. You also need to use specific social media platforms, observed in the first step, to implement your plan. The aim of this stage is to generate a high return on investment through a formidable social media campaign.

Make Checks and Balances

To avoid making the same mistakes in your marketing campaign and improve as you move forward, you need to measure your progress as you move along.

You should pay attention to your KPIs and determine whether your original plan worked. Additionally, when you measure your results, you will be able to spot problematic spots of the process and avoid them in the future.

Wrapping It Up

Social media marketing is a crucial tool for success in any business industry. With the right approach, social media can help you increase your ROI and improve your business tremendously. The key to maximizing social media for your business success lies in: planning, taking the required action, and making the necessary checks and balances. The guidelines above are not comprehensive. However, they give you an idea of how to implement a formidable social media marketing strategy.

86 Percent of Survey Responses Say Social Media is Important to their Business

Michael Stelzner and the team at Social Media Examiner recently released the…

2013 Social Media Marketing Industry Report

This report is packed with interesting insights and information based on over 3,000 marketing professionals survey responses. The report is global as marketers responded from all over the world. (At the bottom of the report we outline Survey Demographics).

The report is available at Social Media Examiner 2013 Social Media Marketing Report.  Below we outline a number of key takeaways and insights that we felt were of significant value to our community here.

86% of those surveyed say Social Media is important to their Business

86-percent-see-sm-importantThis statistic continues to see growth as it is up 3% from 2012.

The short summary here is that social media is seeing great adoption and inroads into companies of all sizes as a valued part of their marketing plans.





53% of Marketers Surveyed have been using Social Media 2 or less years


This statistic means Social Media is still early on in business adoption and many businesses are only now beginning to really jump in and use this new marketing channel.  As well, as users in the survey showed more years of using social media, their reporting of positive impact and results grew.  This means social media marketing does have a learning curve to learn how to implement and how to achieve real ROI.


“My Facebook Marketing is Effective”

effectiveness-of-fb-marketing 37% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed, while 41% were uncertain.  TabSite aims to take away that uncertainty for our users by providing details on items such as amount of times a Deal was accessed and number of times a offer was downloaded.  These statistics and more coming in 2013 will help Tabsite users measure their ROI on Facebook marketing efforts.

See Case Study ROI by Photographer with Photo Contest

Case Example of Pet Store Using Tabsite to Grow Facebook Community

Most Important Social Platform for Marketers

When asked this question, marketers overwhelmingly stated that Facebook was the most important platform for them.  We don’t disagree.  Our aim is to assist those that know it is the most important to be able to clear up the ROI measurement questions they noted above.

It is also interesting to note the value placed on blogging and LinkedIn.  The rise of Content Marketing, offering valuable content that helps companies attract, be discovered, and ultimately sell to new customers is key to this value on blogging.



 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Respondents to the survey noted that increased exposure and traffic were the top two benefits of social media marketing.  This is valuable because the more exposure and the more traffic a company can generate the more lead opportunities they have potential to close with a sale.  It is interesting to note that 43% of the group also noted that improved sales was a benefit of social media marketing while at the same time reducing marketing expenses.  This can often be attributed to the value of WOM, Word of Mouth, marketing where social participants help spread discovery, awareness and traffic for a brand.


The full report is very worthwhile to download and review.  Again, full access is available at Social Media Examiner 2013 Social Media Marketing Report.  A key takeaway is that Social Media Marketing is still in early adopter stage and many companies are simply just beginning or are early on in their use of this tool.  The report indicates there is traction, growth, adoption, and increasing ability to see ROI as use and experience with Social Media grows.

So dig in, press forward, continue to learn, experiment, measure, and test again!


Survey participant information

The largest group that took the survey work for small businesses of 2-10 employees (32%) followed by the self-employed (21%). Twenty-three percent of people taking the survey work for businesses with 100 or more employees. Slightly more than half (56%) of survey participants focus primarily on attracting consumers (B2C) and the other 44% primarily target businesses (B2B). Most participants (57%) were based in the United States, followed by United Kingdom (9%), Canada (7%) and Australia (5%).

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