15 Actionable Personalization Messages to Connect With Users


15 Actionable Personalization Messages to Connect With Users -Infographic.At least 80% of customers only purchase from companies that invest in personalization messages. They are frustrated by those that don’t. So, how can you personalize your marketing messages to win more sales and retain most of your customers?

Clever Tap has done the research and identified 15 marketing personalization tips to help you personalize your email, text, and in-app messages. The following are a few quick takeaways from the research.

Actionable Personalization Messages

1. Add first names to all your subject lines

Adding the first name to subject lines increases open rates by 20% while reducing unsubscribe rates by 17%. Don’t forget to keep the subject line to 25-30 characters.

2. Create dynamic content with user data

Always segment marketing audiences by demographics, location, and behavior. It also helps to segment your marketing into different categories based on the stage of the sales funnel.

3. Activate new users with freebees/discounts

Welcome gifts entice leads and new customers to share their personal information – which you need for future marketing campaigns. Coupon codes are another excellent tool.

4. Always reply to messages

Whether it’s a text message, email message, or in-app messaging campaign, customers expect to receive a response whenever they reply to your texts. Don’t disappoint them.

Check out the rest of the Clever Tap blog post to find out other marketing personalization messages and tips to take your messaging campaign to the next level.

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