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How to Write Compelling Survey Email Subject Lines



When you’re attempting to gather survey participants over email, your subject line can make or break how successful you are. So long as you understand what factors differentiate  good survey email subject lines from a bad ones, you’re sure to find success. To help you write an alluring and compelling survey email subject line, we’ve outlined some helpful tips below.

Avoid Sounding Like Spam

When you write a subject line using spammy words, it’s sure to negatively impact your survey’s open rate. For one, when you use the wrong words in your subject, you risk triggering an email server’s spam filter. This can cause your email to be placed in someone’s junk folder, where they might never see it.

Even if your subject gets past an email’s spam filter, the wrong words can signal a red flag to the reader. For example, words that you want to avoid using include offer, winner, urgent, act now, risk-free, and cash. These words are so commonly used by spam emails that they are cause for suspicion. Instead, try to write in a voice that’s more natural and less dubious.

Write a Personal Subject Line

When it’s clear that you copy and pasted your message with no regard to the person at the other end of the email, it can be off-putting. You’re asking someone to take time out of their day to fill out your survey, so the least you can do is to personalize your email.

Adding a touch of personalization is easy. All you have to do is add the recipient’s first name at the beginning of the email. A simple, “Hi (Mr/Mrs. Last Name)” to introduce your survey request will suffice. When you call your email recipient by their name, it makes them more likely to respond.

Keep It Brief

These days, people’s inboxes are flooded with a plethora of emails. To capture the attention of your recipient, you want to keep your email short and to the point. Otherwise, a long subject line could serve to scare them off from reading your message in the first place.

When you keep your subject line concise, it shows that you respect the other person’s time. For this reason, you’ll want to keep your subject line under 60 characters in total.

Writing a compelling email subject line is crucial when gathering survey responses. When you make an effort to avoid using spam words whilst making your subject personal and concise, your response rate will surely rise. For quick tips on how to improve your survey subject lines, take a look at Chattermill’s infographic below.


15 Actionable Personalization Messages to Connect With Users

15 Actionable Personalization Messages to Connect With Users -Infographic.


15 Actionable Personalization Messages to Connect With Users -Infographic.At least 80% of customers only purchase from companies that invest in personalization messages. They are frustrated by those that don’t. So, how can you personalize your marketing messages to win more sales and retain most of your customers?

Clever Tap has done the research and identified 15 marketing personalization tips to help you personalize your email, text, and in-app messages. The following are a few quick takeaways from the research.

Actionable Personalization Messages

1. Add first names to all your subject lines

Adding the first name to subject lines increases open rates by 20% while reducing unsubscribe rates by 17%. Don’t forget to keep the subject line to 25-30 characters.

2. Create dynamic content with user data

Always segment marketing audiences by demographics, location, and behavior. It also helps to segment your marketing into different categories based on the stage of the sales funnel.

3. Activate new users with freebees/discounts

Welcome gifts entice leads and new customers to share their personal information – which you need for future marketing campaigns. Coupon codes are another excellent tool.

4. Always reply to messages

Whether it’s a text message, email message, or in-app messaging campaign, customers expect to receive a response whenever they reply to your texts. Don’t disappoint them.

Check out the rest of the Clever Tap blog post to find out other marketing personalization messages and tips to take your messaging campaign to the next level.

[Infographic] Email Personalization – Get Beyond the obvious


Infographic-Email-Personalization-How-to-go-beyond-the-obviousThe digital age is characterized by new modes of communication popping up every day. Some communication platforms have reached their optimum and collapsed, some are growing up with greater momentum. However, one communication platform has remained strong for ages and it’s still going strong – and that is email communication.

Email communication is really popular and an individual person likely receives tens of emails per day. With this, one has no choice, but to ensure that his/her email is able to stand out in the recipients’ inbox. The following is how to go beyond the obvious.

Email list segmentation

A popular way to segment your email list is email personalization. Coming up with different segmented lists helps one to come up with dynamic content for every target audience. Getting relevant data on your subscribers through signup forms is one of the best ways of collecting data.

Individualized email messaging

Through this, the subscribers are able to get a connection with the sender. This goes beyond just including the name of the recipient – one needs to come up with an engaging content relatable to the consumer’s needs. For instance, you can send product-focused content relating to specific email lists, or personalized videos and images. As well as, come up with creative content based on the consumer’s needs.

Email personalization is an integral part of every successful marketing campaign. Customers want to feel valued and listed. Though this campaign may seem challenging, making use of prudent tools will make the whole process easier.

Thanks to the great people over at Email Uplers for this informative infographic.

[Infographic] Amplifying Your Email Marketing With Personalization


[Infographic]-Amplifying-Your-Email-Marketing-With-Personalization-700Email marketing is an effective way to nurture the leads that you’ve captured; however, if your leads don’t feel like you’re attempting to interact with them on a more personal level, they’re less likely to take an interest in your brand. Generic email promotion isn’t going to make them feel like you really care, after all. It’s why email personalization is so important.

Personalize your Emails

When it comes to personalizing your emails, you need to go well beyond just filling in the blank with the names of your leads. Addressing your leads by name helps, but consumers these days are smart enough to see past that. The following are a few more effective ways to personalize your emails:

  • Segment your leads based on demographics – Tailoring content for certain ages or genders allows you to target certain demographics more effectively.
  • Segment your leads based on location – This allows you to send more geo-based content as well as send out emails at times when your leads are most likely to see them.
  • Personalize content based on past behaviors – Take note of the products they’ve purchased in the past to tailor content to those purchasing behaviors.

Personalization can help to greatly improve your ability to nurture your leads through your email marketing efforts. Check out our infographic for more information on how personalization can improve your email marketing campaign.

Thanks to our friends at PostFunnel for this helpful infographic.