TabSite Adds Non-Fan Fan-Gating Feature

UPDATE: August 2011 TabSite upgrades Fan-Gate to new full featured Like-Gate


How does one acquire more “Likes” on their Facebook Fan Page?LargeLike.jpg

TabSite has the solution with our Fan-Gating tool!

Now when you set your default Landing Tab on Facebook to a TabSite tab, you can show Non-Fans one introductory message, and then only when they “Like” the page do they get to see “Fan” content.  This is called “Fan-Gating”.

Here’s how to take advantage of this innovative new Fan-Gating feature in 3 simple steps…

  1. Upgrade your account to Gold, as this new Fan-Gating feature is only available for Gold Users.
  2. In your TabSite Manager area, click the pencil on the Top Level tab that you want to add your Non-Fan image to and then click on “Add Non-Fan Image.”

  3. NonFan_drop_down.jpg 

  4. When the “Edit Non-Fan Image” pop-up appears, enable your Non-Fan Image, Select New Image for your image manager, and then click the Update Non-fan Page Settings.


You are now ready to entice Facebook users with FAN ONLY content on your TabSite.

When a potential Fan visits your Facebook Fan Page, they will see the Fan-Gating image instead of the content. A message will tell them they need to become a Fan of your Facebook Fan Page to see the content. Once your new Fan clicks the Like button, the TabSite Non-Fan Image disappears.

Remember, to use the the Non-Fan Image feature on your Facebook Fan Page, your TabSite membership level must be Gold.

Upgrade now and take advantage of all that TabSite has to offer for your Facebook Fan Page!

No More Static FBML, NO PROBLEM!  TabSite is all iframes!

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