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Static HTML Facebook Page Tab by TabSite


(Non-Techy Summary:  Facebook to remove all FBML Apps from Pages on December 5, 2012.  This only applies to tabs using FBML.  This DOES NOT impact any TabSite users.  This is simply an update for those not using TabSite to be aware they may want to move to TabSite since we are complaint with current Facebook iframe tab functionality and we offer a Static HTML Faceook Page Tab with our Gold and Platinum Plans).

facebook-fbml.gifIn July of this year, Facebook removed FBML functions so that any FBML code that was being used in the Static FBML Page app would have stopped working at that time. However, the Static FBML Page app is still able to render plain HTML. On December 5th, 2012, Facebook will remove the Static FBML Page app and any Static FBML tabs that were installed on a brand Facebook Page will disappear. 


Here is the detail from the Facebook Developer Blog:



This is just another reminder that Facebook is ending the final remnant of FBML and that all tabs for Facebook Pages going forward are using the iframe functionality.

TabSite is totally compliant with Facebook current and upcoming changes and all TabSite users can rest assured that their tabs will continue to work and remain.  

For non-TabSite users looking for an alternative, TabSite does offer a Static HTML Facebook Page tab tool.  Simply sign-up for a TabSite Plan and use our tools to easily create custom tabs without knowing any html coding.  

TabSite offers design power and promotional tools including contests, deals, sweepstakes, coupons, and more.



Removal of FBML by Facebook – Move to TabSite for Page Tab Apps

As had been announced previously, Facebook has implemented the final removal process for all old FBML apps on Facebook Pages.  

Below is the Platform Status screenshot:


Here is the excerpt from Facebook.

Platform Updates: Operation Developer Love

By Noorin Ladhani – Yesterday at 5:00pm

Since last Wednesday’s update, we spotlighted NBC’s The Voice, published Early Success Stories: Shopping, Fashion and Open Graph, and published a Games Round-Up.

Breaking Changes Effective Today

Today the following changes are in effect. For more information, check out the Developer Roadmap.

Removal of FBML
FBML apps will no longer work on Platform. The “FBML Removal” migration now appears and is enabled for all apps. It will be possible to disable the migration, thereby re-enabling FBML, until July 5, 2012 when the migration and all FBML endpoints will be removed completely.




ALERT!  If you are still using Facebook’s old FBML tabs for your Facebook Business Page, now is the time to make the change to a current tool like TabSite.




Facebook FBML Tabs End June 1 – TabSite is Easy Alternative


ALERT!  If you are still using Facebook’s old FBML tabs for your Facebook Business Page, now is the time to make the change to a current tool like TabSite.

In September 2011, Facebook announced that:

The final official end date when all FBML tabs will cease to work and will be removed from Facebook by Facebook is set for June 6, 2012.



So the time has come for those last holdouts to fully transition to iFrame tabs and depart from FBML coding completely, and TabSite is an ideal alternative!

If you have tabs on your Facebook business Page with the logo shown below,  you’ll want to make a change! 




History and Information for Fan Page Admins

4 Summary Points:

 1. What is FBML and why do I care?

The answer is that you don’t need to care unless you were using FBML on your Facebook Fan Pages. 

If you fall in the group that doesn’t need to care because you don’t have any FBML tabs on your fan page, then feel free to skip down to number 2!

FBML is Facebook’s original framework for serving custom content on fan page tabs. This content is served by Facebook, which, in short, means the user’s browser never hits the app developer’s server directly.  Instead, Facebook requests the content from the app developer’s server, parses and filters it, and sends it to the browser for display.  The result was content served by Facebook on custom tabs.




Facebook’s Static FBML App
Facebook’s Static FBML app was an application provided by Facebook that enabled the creation of FBML based Facebook page tabs. To use the application, page admins simply added the app to their page, and then customized the content by coding using FBML code language. 

Again, FBML tabs will NO LONGER WORK on Facebook Pages beginning June 1, 2012.


 2. What is Facebook’s preferred method for adding custom tabs to Fan Pages?

iFrame Apps like TabSite
iFrame Apps are Facebook’s accepted framework for serving content on fan page tabs. Content is served directly by the developer’s server, rather than being proxied by Facebook’s servers. Because the page is hosted externally of Facebook, it can render HTML, CSS and even Javascript just like any external website does, which was not the same with FBML. iFrame Apps were launched in March of 2011 and are the standard set by Facebook for Page tabs. 

All TabSite fan page tabs use iFrame Apps.

 3. I’m not a coder and yet I want a nice, custom fan page.  What should I do?

TabSite_Blue_icon.jpgTabSite is a great solution for businesses wanting to easily customize their fan page without learning to do any coding.  With a easy to use drag-n-build system, TabSite is easy to navigate and has a full suite of widgets and tools including ability to:

  • Add Videos, 
  • Run Contests and Sweepstakes
  • Add/Edit Content easily
  • Create Photo SlideShows
  • Add Facebook Social Plugins
  • Embed E-mail Sign-up forms
  • Add your Blog and Twitter feeds
  • Create a fan-gating mechanism with our Like-Gate tool
  • iFrame in your website
  • and much more!


  4.   June 1, 2012, FBML ceases to work.  Now is the time to changeover to a solution like TabSite.


Visit www.TabSite.com for more details or go here for to get a 14 Day Free Trial of TabSite for your Facebook Business Fan Page!