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[Infographic] Is Your eCommerce Store Leaking Money?

Is Your eCommerce Store Leaking Money -315

Is Your eCommerce Store Leaking Money -315If it isn’t pulling in the expected profit, then an eCommerce store is like a leaky faucet. Money is leaking out and being wasted. Plug up the leaks by figuring out where the store is underperforming. Is your eCommerce store leaking money?

Here are a couple common places leaks occur in the industry:


Nearly 30% of shoppers will leave due to high shipping costs or long delivery times. Improve shipping costs by:

  • Work with vendors and fulfillment companies to negotiate lower shipping costs. The less one pays them, the fewer fees carry over to the customer.

Cart Abandonment

A whopping $18 billion a year is lost due to customers abandoning their carts. Customers leave for a variety of reasons, complicated checkouts, lack of security, and hidden fees. Therefore, you can reduce the abandonment rate by improving user experience.

  • Promote the site’s security and safety
  • Simplify checkout
  • Use analytics to find the points where customers abandon the store

Our thanks to RedStagFulfillment.com for this informative infographic.