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Best Practices for Holiday Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Best Practices for Holiday Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Best Practices for Holiday Facebook Marketing Campaigns

Are you starting to plan your holiday marketing on Facebook?

It’s important to focus your marketing campaign on grabbing and holding your audience’s attention.

Whichever holiday is at hand, it will be on the consumer’s minds in the weeks preceding it, so it’s important to incorporate what’s trending and capitalize on the holiday for sales opportunities.

Adjusting your Facebook campaign for the holidays is pretty straightforward. We’ll dive into that in this post but essentially, you’ll add holiday features to your current campaign and concentrate Facebook posts with content that suggests the upcoming holiday.

Steps in creating your holiday Facebook campaign

Cover and Profile Theme

Change the theme of your business Facebook page by making a holiday related profile picture or avatar, adding holiday photos and changing your Facebook Page cover image to holiday themed cover image.

Plan for the holiday before it happens by sharing tweets and posts, as well as trends about the holiday.

Encourage your Facebook fans to participate in holiday posts and events.

While you do focus on the holiday, also be thinking through and posting “evergreen content” (content that has long-term value and is not time specific) that’s going to last and be relevant even after the holidays.

Offer Special Services

Special Holiday Key: Offer special services that are only available during the holidays.

  • Promo codes
  • Gift wrapping
  • Contests
  • Limited time offers

And be sure to share about these special items on social media!

Use Hashtags

Research holiday hashtags; they will vary depending on the holiday, and what types of products, toys, topics, and news is popular during that season. Then ramp up the posts, include those hashtags and look for ways to engage and be ready to respond!

Including the hashtags and trending holiday topics into your posts will push the Facebook page to a potentially larger audience and expose new users and potential consumers to your specific product or brand.

Optimize for Keywords

New posts should be holiday keyword optimized. When new customers who have the holiday on their mind will search for terms, keywords, and products they normally wouldn’t.

This is a huge opportunity to increase your user base and snag new customers during this limited marketing opportunity.

Adapt to the holiday season, and you’ll see an increase in Facebook activity and engagements and an opportunity for the holiday Facebook marketing campaign to be a huge and stunning “value-add” to your business bottom-line.

Simple Steps to More Holiday Sales via Facebook Marketing

Did you know…
The average U.S. consumer plans to do 40% of their Holiday Shopping Online?
 Stat courtesy of National Retail Foundation.

How about this?  2013 is the first time ever that time spent on Digital Media (computer, smartphone, tablet) is going to exceed time spent watching TV!  via Sheryl Sandberg

Now is the time to implement a Facebook plan that reaches and engages
consumers as they begin to make decisions about their gift purchases!

To help companies prepare and take advantage of Facebook, I’ve got a resource for you…

mike holiday806 Grow Holiday Sales with Facebook Marketing Campaigns

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You can reach online shoppers best where they spend time….Facebook!

According to comScore, Facebook and Instagram have more mobile time spent than many of the next largest services including YouTube, Pandora, Yahoo, Twitter,Pinterest, Tumblr, AOL, Snapchat, and LinkedIn — combined.


Businesses of all sizes have the potential to drive social traffic, increase fan participation and boost sales using well planned campaigns including tab apps on Facebook Pages.

 Special On-Demand Training Video398Facebook-Campaigns-for-Growing-Holiday-Sales-www_youtube_com_

To help your business create buzz with Facebook and reach your sales goals, I’ve created a webinar and downloadable handout that you can use!

This 30 minute webinar is ready for you!

Included in the webinar are details on:

  • Creating a Holiday Cover Image connected to your Campaign
  • Setting up Engaging Posts for Maximum visibility and clicks
  • Using Deal and Contest Tabs to boost reach and capture leads
  • Tips for timing and a Post Holiday Plan

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Grow Holiday Sales and Buzz with Facebook Promotion Apps


Consumers are increasingly making a jump on their holiday shopping.  Now is the time to implement a plan that reaches and engages consumers before they’ve made decisions about their gift purchases!

holiday marketing

Santa’s helpers, aka savvy online shoppers, are soon getting started with their holiday shopping!  You can reach them best where they spend time….Facebook!

Businesses of all sizes have the potential to drive social traffic, increase fan participation and boost sales using well planned campaigns including tab apps on Facebook Pages.

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To create buzz with social media tools and meet the season’s traffic and sales goals, we at TabSite offer the following strategies:

 1. Holiday Themed Cover Image

Design a new Cover Image for your Facebook page, one that launches your holiday theme and is consistent across all tabs on your Pages. To get an idea of what kind of specials to offer, 77 percent of shoppers have said their purchases would be influenced by free shipping, 74 percent by price cuts, 55 percent by coupons and 44 percent by blowout sales.

Present a clear Call to Action in the cover image that alerts visitors to the offer. Need help with the Cover Image?  Download our Facebook Cover Image template.  (TabSite allows you to load a new Timeline cover image via the TabSite Manager.)

 2. Custom Tab with Weekly Special

Create a tab that will reveal a weekly upcoming special, and include maps to brick-and-mortars. (You can do this with the TabSite Holiday Template.)

If you offer a Deal via a tab on your Facebook Page, include an email signup form because this allows you to nurture and offer more value via follow-up emails.


3. Post a Photo Linking to Your Tab Daily

Post 1-3 photos per day to your Facebook Page Timeline, add a simple text description and a smart URL linking to the coupon tab you created with TabSite.

Photos drive engagement (Like’s, comments, shares) and they quickly convey your message so much better than lines of text in a social network!  Use images to educate and drive traffic from the news feed to your tab.


 4. Schedule posts for Prime Times

You want to post at the optimum times when your fans are on Facebook so they have the best chance of seeing and interacting with your posts!  Now, there’s no excuse not to.  Facebook Insights gives you details on when your fans are online.

Go to your Page Admin area, click on “View Insights”, then go to “Posts”

Facebook Page Insights reveals when fans are online

Facebook Page Insights reveals when fans are online

TabSite integrates Buffer, HootsuiteSendible, and Plan Your Post in Engagement Apps for Planning Posts and messages to Social Media Services. This is part of the app setup and automatically adds the Smart URL to your tab in your post!

 BONUS TIP: Follow a seven-day coupon deal with a seven-day free shipping offer using a promotional code using the TabSite Share Deal tool or Friend Share tool. Again, share an image and link back to the offer tab.

5. Prepare a Post Holiday Sales Plan

Remember, when the holidays are over, the shopping IS NOT!  All those Gift Cards and exchanges mean more traffic so be prepared with a campaign that launches right after the holiday.  This is similar to what was done during the holidays in terms of preparation.

Create a tab with the deal, share products via posts and schedule posts for prime times! This will help to extend your sales season and capture those that are looking for deals immediately after the holidays.


Want more detail and tips? Watch my on-demand webinar video “Facebook Marketing Campaign for the Holidays” click my video below to go to the access page.


As one of the early developers of social marketing tools for Facebook, TabSite empowers businesses and organizations with the latest social tools and capabilities. With TabSite, there are no fan limits that elevate costs. Businesses of all sizes have access to a comprehensive suite of solutions, from complete design control and integrated social sharing to promotion rich engagement apps and the ability to customize globally for language specific needs.