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Countdown Widget Added to Promote Events, Promotions, Contests


Tabsite offers a wide array of widgets and tools to enable powerful and easy customization of Facebook fan page tabs!

With Drag N Build tabs you can drag and drop to build a completely custom design

To use widgets, you must select to add a “Drag N Build” tab when creating a new Tab.

This then creates the tab and gives you the menu below. Simply click on widgets and drag the desired widget to your tab work area.

 One of the widgets is the Countdown Widget.  

The Countdown widget allows you to add a Countdown timer to your Drag N Build tab.
This gives companies an active on tab method to bring attention to the start of a event, promotion, launch, or other activity. The timer is in days, hours, minutes and seconds and the English text can be turned off so that it can be used globally.  The widget is available at the Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise levels.


Select and drag the countdown icon to your tab work areaTabsite Countdown widget Icon




When the countdown widget is dragged to the work area it will open and a user can customize settings as shown below:



Users should set the date and time to count down to and select the time zone to use.

Daylight Savings Time is an option to use, and the English text of “Days, Minutes,” etc. can be toggled off.  This enables those wanting to display other than English the ability to turn the English off.  Then simply use a Content Widget to add text below the numeric countdown.

The Countdown Widget will display on a tab as shown below.  Options shown are with text, without text, with a solid colored background, or transparent background, and when the time has reached it’s finish it displays all zero’s.




The countdown widget adds eye-catching visual movement to the tab and is a great way to create anticipation to the start of your next event, promotion, or other activity.  The countdown widget is available at the Gold and higher plan levels.



Introducing Pixel Nudger for TabSite

TabSite is pleased to release a new Pixel Nudger feature which allows you to align images and content perfectly, pixel by pixel, in the TabSite Manager area using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

Now when using the TabSite Drag N Build system, you can simply drag your image, or other widget, onto the page and then use your arrow keys to nudge it!

View the video tutorial below:

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Easy Fan Page Design – Only TabSite Offers Layering

TabSite is pleased to be the only fan page customization platform to offer easy layering of widgets!

With the TabSite Drag N Build System it is a simple process to build your custom design by dragging images and widgets into the tab canvas area and arrange your design.  Only TabSite, however, offers small and medium businesses the ability to easily change the layering of components on the fan page tab you are creating.  This means you can “send forward and move back” layers to get just  the right design you want.

To access you widget layers in the TabSite manager, simply click on the layers tab as shown below.  Drag layers up in the list to move up on your tab design.  Watch our video tutorial below for more information.



Easy. Powerful. Social.  TabSite.

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What has Allison Burke Done With Her ‘Free-For-Life’ TabSite?

shoes_logo2.jpgAllison Burke, Social Media Specialist for shoes.com, won a “Free-for-Life” TabSite last month for attending one of TabSite’s FREE webinars.  With a new webinar on July 27th, and a new “Free-For-Life” account to give away, we started wondering what exactly Allison had done with her prize.

Boy, were we impressed!

Allison applied her TabSite account to the shoes.com Facebook Fan Page.

With Fan Gate Image After “Like”
shoes_fan_gate.png shoes.png


 “As a Social Media Specialist for shoes.com & Dr. Scholl’s, I work primarily on our Facebook Fan Pages to humanize our brands, connect with our fans and share engaging content with them. I also work on the shoes.com blog: http://sole.shoes.com/. We are excited to be able to use TabSite to make more engaging tabs, include email sign-up and share video content etc.”
~ Allison Burke

Allison was able to create this remarkable TabSite design using the extensive variety of widgets in the new Drag N Build system. She was able to incorporate:

  • ProductShow Widget
  • RSS Widget for Blog Integration
  • Contact Form Widget for Email Newsletter Sign-Up
  • HotLink Widget

Allison even took advantage of the Fan Gate Image and Custom Icon features.

The Facebook Fan Page for shoes.com has never looked better!

For a complete list of widgets available in the TabSite Drag N Build system, please visit www.TabSite.com. While you’re there, why not SIGN UP and test drive our FREE version of Tabsite?

Thank you Allison, and shoes.com, for utilizing TabSite and showing others how easy it is to create custom tabs for you Facebook Fan Page using the NEW Drag n Build System!

Powerful. Social. Easy. TabSite.

July 27 Facebook Webinar by TabSite: Optimize & Socialize your Fan Page

Optimize & Socialize your Fan Pagecallout111.png

TabSite will be hosting a FREE Webinar focused on Search and Social Optimization of your fan page.  Attendees will learn more about ways to optimize their fan page, including a look at:


  • Optimize your fan page for keyword search results, 
  • Wall posting keys and optimization 
  • TabSite tabs optimization using our Drag N Build platform

Webinar Attendees will leave with a clear roadmap on how they can get SEO value out of their Fan Page for keywords relevant to their organization.

Time will also be spent looking at ways to use the TabSite platform to increase socialization of your fan page.  Register here: Fan Page Search Optimization & the New TabSite Drag N Build:    

The Webinar registration is free.  Registration will include you in getting a video replay link and the slidedeck from the presentation.

ATTEND, and you could WIN A FREE FOR LIFE TABSITE!  We’ll have a drawing afterward from those who attend and one person will be drawn for a FREE Gold Plan TabSite for Life!



Webinar presenters will be Troy Rumfelt, President, and Mike Gingerich, Community Manager for TabSite.