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New Design Template for Sweepstakes

Draw in visitors and boost fan engagement by offering a promotion via a Sweepstakes.

Use TabSite’s new Sweepstakes template to drive fans to your Facebook Page, capture their entry and be able to follow-up with each entrant.

Available to all users with a Gold or Platinum TabSite Plan.  Simply go to the Templates area in the TabSite Manager, select this template under “New” and it will add the design and the Sweepstakes widget to your Facebook Page!



TabSite Offers Design Contest for Facebook – Win an iPad


TabSite is pleased to offer a design contest for Facebook Page tabs.

Design a 810 pixel wide tab, enter a image of your design, then get the word out for others to vote on your entry and you could win a new iPad!


TabSite offers users free templates to help them get started with designing a custom tab if they want assistance.  The TabSite Design Contest is a way for designers to get exposure and win a cool prize by entering and having the public vote on entries.  

From the entries, the public will crown a winner!  There are prizes for the top 3 places.  Winners will need ot submit a PhotoShop PSD or equivalent of their design so that it can be used as a template within TabSite.


1st Prize:
The first place winner will win a new Apple iPad 3 wi-fi version and a Free for Life Gold TabSite plan.

2nd Prize:
The second place winner will receive a $100 iTunes Gift Card and a Free for Life Gold TabSite plan.

3rd Prize:
The third place winner will receive a Free for Life Gold TabSite plan.

Each person can enter the Contest up to 5 times. TabSite reserves the right to delete and remove any entry at any time without reason. 

Each person can vote 1 time each day. Be sure to let all of your friends know about your entry so they can vote for you each day.  

Share your entry!
Be sure to share your entry with all of your Facebook friends to get more votes.  Use the Social Sharing buttons on the large view to help your entry get publicity on the web.






Easy Fan Page Design – Only TabSite Offers Layering

TabSite is pleased to be the only fan page customization platform to offer easy layering of widgets!

With the TabSite Drag N Build System it is a simple process to build your custom design by dragging images and widgets into the tab canvas area and arrange your design.  Only TabSite, however, offers small and medium businesses the ability to easily change the layering of components on the fan page tab you are creating.  This means you can “send forward and move back” layers to get just  the right design you want.

To access you widget layers in the TabSite manager, simply click on the layers tab as shown below.  Drag layers up in the list to move up on your tab design.  Watch our video tutorial below for more information.



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