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Enterprise White Label Webinar December 12

Join us December 12!



This Enterprise white label focused webinar is a perfect fit for:

  • Agencies wanting to learn about the TabSite white label solution for buliding and managing client Facebook Pages.
  • Web firms interested in reselling the Facebook Page system as a Facebook Solution under their own brand name.
  •  Retailers, Brands, Franchise Systems and Dealer Networks looking for a ability to scale the same tab content out to hundreds of Pages as well as allow each location to have unique tabs




Items to be covered in the Enterprise Webinar include:

– Enterprise White Label overview
– Different Admin levels for team members and clients
– Setting up the system for your brand, monitoring, and support
– Granting clients access (with limits) of Pages and Tabs that can be added
– Coming releases for Retailers and Dealers/Networks
– Ways to Resell the platform

Join TabSite co-founders, Troy Rumfelt and Mike Gingerich, for a fast moving, informative webinar empowering Agencies and more to boost engagement and sales via your Enterprise Solution for Facebook Pages!

The webinar will include a live Question & Answer time to answer participant questions.

To learn more about the Enterprise TabSite Solution, visit www.TabSite.com/enterprise.

Enterprise Webinar EVENT DETAILS:

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

2:00 p.m. EST  /  11 a.m. PST  /   7:00 p.m. London  

The event will last one hour.


TabSite Enterprise Users can Create and Assign Templates for their Users to Access



TabSite offers a Enterprise white label version of TabSite for Agencies, Digital firms, Franchises, MLM systems, and large brands.


The TabSite Enterprise platform enables companies to have a complete, self-service white label platform where they can manage unlimited Facebook fan pages easily, create custom full-featured tabs, grant client access to edit specific fan pages in the manager (if desired), and have complete management control of all Facebook fan pages and tabs, all with their own company branded login and manager.


The TabSite Enterprise solution is a pure white label platform including the entire manager area, urls, domain, tabs, Facebook app id’s and even the server hosted content.


Now, with this upgrade, any Enterprise Owner can create Drag-N-Build designed templates and assign those templates to be available to Users or Page Admins within their Enterprise system.

Example: A Agency can create a template for restaurant franchises and assign that template to the specific Franchise fan page(s) Admins in the Enterprise system by granting template access to the person(s) who manage those pages.  These users then have a added area in their Templates categories called “Custom Templates” where any templates they have been given access to appear by name.  These users can simply select “Add” and that template is added to their tab for them to use and publish on their Facebook Page.

This feature allows Enterprise White Label users the power to design creative tabs for clients and then give access to those tabs to specific clients in the manager area.  This can be a added revenue source for Enterprise users as they can now create and only offer access to additional templates for those willing to pay the agency for that template.


Simple Setup:

Within the Enterprise system, the owner can create a Drag-N-Build template using whatever widgets they want.  Then at point of save, the owner selects “Save as Template” from the Save drop down.  This opens the area where a template is named and where now access can be set  for who should have access.

Owners simply can simply select “All users” or they can specify specific users to have access.  



Specifying users gives you a search field to search by e-mail or name.



The Enterprise Owner (or Admin) that created the template has access to the Template and ability to edit who has access going forward at any time by going to the Templates area and in the My Templates sub-section, simply clicking “Edit” on the template.  



Those granted access to the template will have a “Custom Templates” area added to their template sub-sections.  They can see all templates they have been given access to and selecting  “Add” allows that user to add the template to their tab.



Learn more about the TabSite  Enterprise white label version.

TabSite January 12 Webinar Slides and Video

TabSite Webinar Video Replay and Slides Available!
TabSite fan page webinar
We had a great turn-out for today’s TabSite webinar on the latest Facebook Marketing tips for 2012 and new features launching by TabSite, (including a Sweepstakes demo!)

Click image at right for the Video replay and view slides below.  NOTE: Slides only have 1 view of the Sweepstakes.  To see the demo, watch the video!

Video Replay Access >> Click for Video

Winner of the Free for Life TabSite will be announced on our blog Friday.  Watch our fan page for a link!

Slideshare slides with PDF Download:

Next Webinar: White Label Overview:

Wednesday,  January 18, 2:00 EDT / 11 PST
White Label Agency Platform Overview & Q/A
All your questions about our private pure white label version answered!    DETAILS AND REGISTRATION

Sweepstakes Coming! Beta to launch January 13!!
What if you could run a unlimited number of Sweepstakes on your fan page for just the cost of your Gold Plan TabSite? 

Get ready!  TabSite is launching a Sweepstakes tool so now you’ll be able to customize your tabs and also run sweepstakes on your tabs all with TabSite!  No more needing other expensive apps that charge for the number of days for your sweepstakes!


What was your favorite quote or featured new tool from the webinar?  Comment below!



TabSite White Label Platform Webinar

TabSite White Label Service Overview Webinar

Your customized and private pure white label platform

blue_below_whitelabel.pngGrow your Social Media Business by integrating TabSite’s customized fan page tab builder platform!

With the TabSite white label service, you can have the complete TabSite platform and make it your own for your use in managing fan pages for clients.

Many say they offer “white label” but most are really not a pure white label where all access to the platform provider is hidden. So if you’ve been looking for a pure White Label to use as your own, then look no further!

Tabsite is a pure white label model including an unbranded manager area with significant options for you to implement your brand colors in the manager area, generic non-TabSite urls, ability to map a domain for your login page, fan page tabs with no branding, ability to set the app id message per tab, and delivery of content securely (SSL) to the fan pages with no reference to TabSite.  Perfect for web design firms, social media agencies, and Marketing firms, the TabSite platform is a powerful platform empowering you to extend and grow your business.

The self-service fan page platform puts you in control.  There is no e-commerce module, simply the ability to add fan pages and add Admins to those fan pages as needed so you are in total control of access and there is no limit to the number of fan pages you can manage.


Join us for a White Label Overview Webinar and Q/A Time!

When:  Wednesday, January 18

Time: 2:00-2:45 p.m. EST


The monthly plan is $249 with a license to use 50 tabs and the ability to add additional license pools of 25 tabs to scale with your company growth.  Full details on the White Label fan page platform are available on our website.

Screenshot of the platform manager area:



TabSite:    Easy.   Powerful.   Social.

TabSite White Label Now offers API

blue_below_whitelabel.pngTabSite is pleased to announce the official release of a API for our White Label users.

The TabSite API enables developers to interact with the TabSite platform programmatically via simple HTTP requests. TabSite opens its data via a REST-based Application Programming Interface (API). 

The API is available to those with a TabSite White Label user account and API Key. Once a user has signed up for a TabSite White Label account, there is ability to submit a request for an API Key within the Account Tools area.

The API gives White Label users great power to customize the TabSite platform including the ability to create users, create tabs, set per user tab limits, delete tabs, and more.

The document linked to here is the official reference guide and outline for the API.
>>> View API Documentation PDF

Full information on TabSite’s White Label service can be found at TabSite.com/WhiteLabel.


Easy.   Powerful.   Social.  TabSite!