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TabSite Enterprise Users can Create and Assign Templates for their Users to Access



TabSite offers a Enterprise white label version of TabSite for Agencies, Digital firms, Franchises, MLM systems, and large brands.


The TabSite Enterprise platform enables companies to have a complete, self-service white label platform where they can manage unlimited Facebook fan pages easily, create custom full-featured tabs, grant client access to edit specific fan pages in the manager (if desired), and have complete management control of all Facebook fan pages and tabs, all with their own company branded login and manager.


The TabSite Enterprise solution is a pure white label platform including the entire manager area, urls, domain, tabs, Facebook app id’s and even the server hosted content.


Now, with this upgrade, any Enterprise Owner can create Drag-N-Build designed templates and assign those templates to be available to Users or Page Admins within their Enterprise system.

Example: A Agency can create a template for restaurant franchises and assign that template to the specific Franchise fan page(s) Admins in the Enterprise system by granting template access to the person(s) who manage those pages.  These users then have a added area in their Templates categories called “Custom Templates” where any templates they have been given access to appear by name.  These users can simply select “Add” and that template is added to their tab for them to use and publish on their Facebook Page.

This feature allows Enterprise White Label users the power to design creative tabs for clients and then give access to those tabs to specific clients in the manager area.  This can be a added revenue source for Enterprise users as they can now create and only offer access to additional templates for those willing to pay the agency for that template.


Simple Setup:

Within the Enterprise system, the owner can create a Drag-N-Build template using whatever widgets they want.  Then at point of save, the owner selects “Save as Template” from the Save drop down.  This opens the area where a template is named and where now access can be set  for who should have access.

Owners simply can simply select “All users” or they can specify specific users to have access.  



Specifying users gives you a search field to search by e-mail or name.



The Enterprise Owner (or Admin) that created the template has access to the Template and ability to edit who has access going forward at any time by going to the Templates area and in the My Templates sub-section, simply clicking “Edit” on the template.  



Those granted access to the template will have a “Custom Templates” area added to their template sub-sections.  They can see all templates they have been given access to and selecting  “Add” allows that user to add the template to their tab.



Learn more about the TabSite  Enterprise white label version.

Sweepstakes Template for Facebook Pages


A New Sweepstakes Template
Showcase your latest products on your facebook page and have fans enter your sweepstakes drawing!
Simply enter your large images using this TabSite template, add your name, and customize the sweepstakes settings and you’ve got a professional tab ready to go live!
Available for use at the TabSite Gold & Platinun Plan levels.




Source: tabsite.com via Mike on Pinterest

New TabSite Contest Template Available

TabSite has released a new Contest Template enabling Facebook Page Admins to quickly build a photo contest by simply selecting this “I Deserve to Win” Photo Contest Template within the TabSite Manager.

The template is available to Gold and Platinum Plan TabSite users.  The focus of the Photo Contest is to engage visitors by having them upload a photo of why they deserve to win.  The Contest Template could be modified and used in a variety of ways such as:


  • Have users upload a picture of them before using your product
  • Have users upload a picture with your product
  • Users could upload a “stressed out” image and why they deserve to win the prize

The fun nature of this type of contest is that it drivers more visitors virally by the humor images.

All text elements are adjustable so it can be customized to any language.

There is a main contest template and also a Like Gate template that is separate and can be added to enable fan gating on the contest tab.

So what do you think, is this template cool?





New Design Template for Sweepstakes

Draw in visitors and boost fan engagement by offering a promotion via a Sweepstakes.

Use TabSite’s new Sweepstakes template to drive fans to your Facebook Page, capture their entry and be able to follow-up with each entrant.

Available to all users with a Gold or Platinum TabSite Plan.  Simply go to the Templates area in the TabSite Manager, select this template under “New” and it will add the design and the Sweepstakes widget to your Facebook Page!



TabSite Templates Launches – Ready-Made Designs!

TabSite launches pre-designed Templates!

Fan Page creation just got easier….and BETTER!

TabSite is pleased to announce the release of templates for all TabSite users.  Starting from the free plan level through Gold, TabSite makes it easy to select a pre-designed template that you can add, customize to your business/organization, and publish on your Facebook fan page.


New Templates will be added weekly

Each template outlines the features and TabSite Plan level it is built with.  During the selection process you have easy access to upgrade so that you get all features and widgets the template offers, or simply proceed and only the elements in the template available at your plan level will come across. 

Example: If you have a Bronze TabSite and the template you select includes a PhotoShow (available at Silver and Gold), you would be offered the chance to upgrade to get all widgets in the template, or you can proceed and you would get all content, images, and other features minus the PhotoShow portion.

TabSite Fan Page templates range across many industries.  Below is a small sampling of the templates, or click our TabSite.com/Templates link to view them all on our website.




To access the Templates, simply go to any tab in your TabSite manager and on the right where you access Widgets, simply click on the “Templates” tab (shown) and this will open the categories of templates. 

Any templates you have saved using the “Save as Template” function appear under “My Templates” and then below this are the categories of templates that TabSite is offering.

Simply select a category and we will open the Template area where you can view all templates and get information on what each contains.

Upon finding the design that you want, simply click the ‘select this design’ button (shown below) and the template will be added.  You would be prompted that your TabSite fan page plan does not include all widgets used in the template if that is the case.  As noted, you can stop and go upgrade or you can proceed and get the template minus the widgets not at your plan level.



TabSite is pleased to offer pre-designed fan page templates to all users.  Available at all TabSite Plan levels!

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EASY.       POWERFUL.      SOCIAL.     TabSite!


View Template samples live on TabSite’s fan page!