How do Twitter Cards Work?

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For marketing and branding purposes, Twitter cards are one of the best ways to boost organic interactions between and business and its consumer base.

But, how do these Twitter cards allow you to share anything and everything from articles, videos, and pictures quickly and easily with your tweets.

Twitter cards allow the user to post media along with their tweet.

For example, if a brand wants to advertise their new product they would max out their 140 characters and still be able to attach an image or video.

Studies show that consumers are generally attracted to tweets that have more substance than just a block of 140 character text.

Consumers want to get to know a brand’s personality and learn about their products.

Twitter cards allow a company to boost their marketing strategies with bright pictures, colorful graphs, or a link to more information.

In fact, social media research has shown that tweets with pictures accompanying them get nearly 150% more re-tweets and 89% more favorites.

These percentages show that there is something about colors and images that draw the eye more than just a simple boring block of text.

  • Mobile users can check email, use a coupon, or visit a landing page without ever leaving the app
  • Provides brand customization unlike other sites
  • Choose from dozens of different eye-catching layouts
  • Use successful meta tags to draw in new consumers
  • Results in 18% more clicks than simply using the 140 character block text limit


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