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[Infographic] Psychological Factors that can Boost your Brand Awareness

infographic-Psychological Factors that can Boost your Brand Awareness

infographic-Psychological Factors that can Boost your Brand AwarenessSavvy entrepreneurs and marketers have used psychology to advance their brand awareness and marketing campaigns generations. For instance, many of the top companies choose their colors very carefully. Blue is a popular choice as it’s associated with dependability and trust. Meanwhile, other brands choose orange to communicate kindness and joy. Furthermore,  those who want to be associated with creativity and imagination tend to choose purple color schemes.

You, too, can begin using simple psychological tricks to boost your brand awareness and influence customer purchase decisions.

Quick Tips to Consider

The guys at Branex media have compiled a list of several psychological hacks you can implement today to win over more customers. These include;

Social Influence

Merely staying active on social media alone has a profound effect on your brand visibility. It sends the message that you’re available and easily reachable. Consumers are more attracted to brands they feel are available. Responding to user comments, answering questions, and generally chatting with your customers makes you seem even more available.

Consistency and transparency

Consistency is another vital tool in marketing psychology. Keeping a consistent marketing strategy creates a better customer experience and helps build credibility, reputation, and brand trust. On the other hand, inconsistency creates chaos and confusion, making it difficult to build loyalty.

Check out the Branex infographic to discover several other psychological hacks you can implement to boost marketing ROI.


Facebook Provides New Insights into Effective Brand Messaging

Facebook Provides New Insights into Effective Brand Messaging.

Facebook Provides New Insights into Effective Brand Messaging.

Facebook, through its creative research team, has been able to find out that it’s the little things that matter. They recently published a new collection of key points that advertisers can use in order to maximize their engagement with their brand messaging. Facebook has states that considerations that are usually are minute such as an aspect ratio of a video or phrasing of a title can have a significant impact. Capable of driving up engagement and concrete business results.

This has been found to be true especially when considering the modern complex landscape; as advertisers look to tailor their approaches to link up with consumers across a wide range of formats and platforms.

Some of the tips that Facebook has provided to improve the creativity of Facebook campaigns include the following:

  • Design for sound off: adding a caption to a video ad increases its view duration by an average of 12%.
  • Ask questions in the text copy: doing this correlates with a higher conversion lift. One can experiment with ways that make text copy engaging for target audiences.
  • Highlight the brand early and clearly: highlight your brand in the first three seconds. This association correlates positively with a higher conversion lift. It’s advisable to show recognizable brand elements from the very beginning.

For more on how to boost Facebook campaigns for effective brand messaging, check out the infographic below from SocialMediaToday.

What Makes a Slogan Successful? [Infographic]


What-Makes-a-Slogan-SuccessfulAs a small business owner, it’s likely that you’re always on the hunt for new ways to bring in more customers. One excellent strategy that guarantees a stable stream of qualified leads and repeat customers is a strong brand slogan.

Slogans, like “Think Outside the Bun” from Taco Bell and “Just Do It!” from Nike are the glue that attaches people to those brands. For Nike, in particular, that simple slogan is the reason the brand reinvented itself to regain its status as an industry leader.

Fortunately, you too can find that unique and powerful slogan to help your business move to the next level. All you have to do is ensure that the slogan is;

  • Succinct

    The most endearing brand slogans are short, catchy, and quick off the tongue. If you can give your slogan a rhythm, similar to a song chorus, that would make it even more memorable.

  • Consistent

    The slogan should also complement your other branding efforts. For instance, if you’re a cleaning company that advocates for green cleaning methods, the slogan should effortlessly convey that message.

  • Timeless

    Lastly, it’s imperative that you choose words that can stand the test of time. Go for wording that would be useful even five years from now, avoiding phrases that may be rendered obsolete by technology or near-future events.

Thank you, Hubspot for this spot on infographic!