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TabSite Platinum Exclusive Features



The TabSite Platinum plan allows Facebook Page Admins to have more powerful tools, analytics, and features that build upon the TabSite Gold plan.  Platinum users can run Contests, Sweepstakes, build forms, add Like Gates for fan-gating, and more.  Features exclusive to the TabSite Platinum plan include:

  • platinum400px.jpgCapture and Export Contest entries, including photos. 
  • Build Editable Forms on tabs and have export capability of all form submission data.
  • Easy pick a random winner or winners from Sweepstakes Entries with 1 click.
  • Track the views of each Contest entry.
  • View the Total Votes and view a list of Voters.
  • Admins can select that Contest entries be Pre-Approved before they go live on the Facebook Page.


The Platinum TabSite Plan, like the Gold Plan, is a subscription service used per Facebook Page.  It is available for purchase as a monthly or yearly recurring subscription for individual Facebook Pages.  

Capture, View, Manage, & Export Entries 

TabSite Platinum allows users to capture, view, and export all entries to a contest or sweepstakes. Data is stored for 6 months after the end of the contest or sweepstakes and can be viewed, managed/deleted, and exported during that time.  This includes the ability to export the YouTube and Vimeo video url’s per Video Contest entries, abilty to export the essay/content entries for Essay Contests, and ability to export a zipped file of all contest images from Photo Contests.  Sweepstakes users can export the data from each submission of their created Sweepstakes form.



Detail view of Contest Export for a single contest:



Manage & Approve all Contest Entries before they go Live on Fan Page.

TabSite Platinum allows Page Admins to have the option to pre-approve all Contest entries before they would be live publicly on the Facebook Page.  This moderation feature gives Page Admins more control over entries and enables stronger protection against entries not meeting all contest requirements.



Editable Form Builder with Export

With the Platinum version of TabSite, Page Admins can build their own custom forms to use on their Facebook tabs and tab websites.  Admins can view form data submissions as well as export all captured data to csv files that can be opened in Excel.


Sweepstakes Random Winner Picker

The Platinum plan gives Facebook Page Admins a tool in the Export area to view entries and to select number of winners (up to 5) and then the system randomly selects a winner or up to the top 5, making it easy to have a random winner identified for each sweepstakes you run!





View Voters / Moderate Voters

The Platinum version of TabSite gives Page Admins the ability to moderate voting to ensure a fair contest for all.  Page Admins can view a list of those that have voted and a link to the Facebook Profile of those voting.  This allows Page Admins to verify how many times a user has voted and if they are a valid Facebook profile.

The TabSite Platinum features give Facebook Page Admins a robust feature set to manage Contests, Sweepstakes, and forms.  Together these tools empower Page Admins with ability to manage, export, and moderate engaging promotions on a fan page.


Compare TabSite Plans.



Help Desk information on TabSite Export Manager features for Platinum users.


Facebook Releases New Page Tools Including Promoting and Scheduling

New Facebook Page Tools

 Hot on the heels of a new iPhone app to help manage Pages that Facebook launched last week, they have now quietly launched more tools of value for Page Admins.

It definitely seems that Facebook is moving fast to boost their now public company and try to appease shareholders by opening up Page features, including some further ways for Facebook to increase their revenue. Here are the 3 new tools that Facebook has launched this week.

Advanced Admin Features

Up until recently all you could really do was add people as a general Page Admin.  This was a bit of a security risk for pages with a large amount of admins who all had different functions but the same total access to all Page areas and functions.  With this new Facebook update you can now assign different roles to all users and make sure that admins only have the permissions you want them to have. The following table explains what you can now do.


Scheduling Posts

Until late this week, Page Admins were only able to schedule posts through third party apps like Plan Your Post or Hootsuite but Facebook has now introduced this functionality which will be a big help to small businesses who are short on time and people, but who want to post on weekends and at other key engagement times when they are not at a computer. You can pre-schedule a post to your Facebook Timline and schedule up to 6 months in advance.  See our more complete blog post on the Facebook Post Scheduler.



Promoted Posts

Facebook has now given Page Admins ability to promote individual posts from within the Timeline News Feed. This function will allow you to reach more of the people who like your Page rather than the selected few who would see your content organically. You can also see how many people see your posts organically and virally by clicking on the stats under each posts.



Have you tried the new tools?



New Facebook Contest Feature for Page Admins

The TabSite Contest Suite of tools allows Facebook Page Admins to run interactive contests on their Facebook fan pages.  Page Admins can run either Photo, Video, or Content/Essay Contests.  

To date this allowed Facebook Page Admins to create contests where fans submit entries for others to vote on.

TabSite is now pleased to announce the release of a new tool within Contests allowing Facebook Page Admins to add only their entries for users to vote on.  This new feature gives Admins ability to run a contest where visitors vote on entries setup by the Page Admin.

Page Admins: Showcase your own entries for fan voting!

Perfect for offering fan voting on new products and to get visitor input on your offerings.  

Add your company images or videos and have fans vote on which they like best!



This versatile tool allows Facebook Page Admins to implement contests in a variety of ways.  For example, a company could test which flavor or ice cream users want you to create by uploading images of each flavor and running voting on those items.

  • Boost engagement and sharing
  • Drive visitors to your Page to vote
  • Get buy-in from users by allowing them to select what you offer next!


Available now in the Contest Widget within TabSite Gold Plans and above.

Try now with TabSite’s 14 Day Free Trial offer!






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