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29 EMAIL EXPERTS on Email Marketing Trends to watch in 2021

Email Marketing Trends to watch in 2021

Email Marketing Trends to watch in 2021Email marketing will explode in 2021. That’s according to email marketing experts from 29 of the world’s largest organizations. Here are email marketing trends to watch for in 2021.

And, no, it’s not just about conversions and ROI. The all-important bottom-line metrics will grow too. However, we’re about to witness perhaps the biggest explosion of trends that could make email more important. As well as more relevant than ever before, driven mainly by the impacts of the coronavirus.

What Changes?

A lot! The experts cover every inch of the email marketing landscape, from email architecture to the rising popularity of dark mode, and email pivoting to augmented reality. In all these areas, we’re likely to witness several new trends and approaches.

For instance, Megan Le, Content Marketing Manager at Litmus, predicts that empathy will be a big thing in 2021. We’ve already seen the trend before, as marketers finally accept that sharing in the customer’s feelings is the best way to appeal to their hearts.

Customers will need that empathy even more in 2021, given the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic on everyday life. Adjusting your tone to show that you care for the customer’s suffering, real or perceived, during the pandemic will be key to getting through the door.

Check out the rest of the predictions at Eplers Email to glean valuable tips to improve your email marketing campaigns over the next 12 months in the infographic below.

29 Email Experts on Email Marketing Trends to watch for in 2021

Source: 29 Email Experts on Email Marketing Trends to watch for in 2021

[Infographic] Email Design Trends 2020



It’s not just a new year, it’s a new decade, so your email designs should be updated to keep up with the times. The following email design trends can help you get on the right track:

1) Adapt to dark mode

Many people prefer to use dark mode where the foreground is light while the background is dark. This mode reduces blue light, so it’s easier on the eyes. With this in mind, you should provide designs made specifically for dark mode. It’s not just about inverting colors — it’s about choosing shades that work well together on a dark background.

2) Experiment with fonts

You don’t need images to speak a thousand words. The typography itself can do the talking, especially when you have many fonts to choose from. You can even customize a few for your business. Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Like shapes and colors, some go well together to form a visually appealing design.

3) Make it simple

Minimalism is hot both in the real and digital worlds. Embrace clean lines, ample white space, and monochrome to convey a bold and stark message that says more with less. The fact that it’s easier to read for users is a bonus point.

These are only 3 of 9 email design trends for 2020. Catch the other 6 in this infographic from Email Uplers.

[Infographic] Emerging Trends in Email Marketing



Email is the segment of digital marketing with the highest ROI per dollar spent. It’s the best way to get in front of your potential and current customers. Here are some trends to help you get more ROI from your email campaigns in 2019.

Respect for Privacy and Data Security a Must

Marketers are already aware of the stiff penalties that come with data privacy breaches. There will be even stricter control of personal information collected or shared by email in 2019. Thus, to avoid running into problems with the law, you must familiarize and strictly comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Targeted Automation the New Way To Grow Email Revenue

According to Litmus, email automation has the potential to grow your email revenues by a whopping 108.5%. However, the emails must be targeted. For example, use the data you collect on customers to determine what messages, subject lines, and sending times work best for each contact. More importantly, maintain and clean list.

Personalization Not Enough; Time To Go Hyper

If you already personalize your email messages, that’s a good start. However, in 2019, you’ll need to go one step further. To get the attention of digital consumers with shrinking attention spans on the increasingly-saturated internet, calling users by their first name won’t be enough. Therefore, you’ll have to learn to provide solutions to people who don’t know they need it.