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[Infographic] Ad Specs for Facebook and Instagram

Ad Specs for Facebook and Instagram
Webpage FX created “The Latest Ad Specs for Facebook, Instagram (Infographic)” examining objectives for both social networks, providing immediately actionable steps to increase social media engagement. For example, there are 3 ways to encourage Clicks to Website: In a Facebook Ad, show one 1200 x 628 image with 20% text. In an Instagram Ad, show one 1080 x 1080 image with a link that has no more than 20 text characters. In a Facebook Ad, use the Facebook Carousel option which allows Read more [...]

Become an Instagram Guru

Become an Instagram Guru
This week's infographic is stuffed full of amazing tips and hints to get you Instagram account working to bring you leads and sales. Thanks to Infographicsposters.com for this great Instagram infographic. Did you know that Instagram has the youngest users? 90% of their users are under the age of 35. It’s become wildly popular since its release in 2010. Use Instagram to communicate your message visually. Showcase your products Establish your brand identity Use hashtags to create Read more [...]

What I’m Thankful For About Social Media

What I’m Thankful For About Social Media
As those of us in the United States stop and celebrate our Thanksgiving holiday, I thought it would be neat to have some of my friends and colleagues in social media contribute to a “Thanksgiving” post with a unique focus. Often we reflect on things we are thankful for in the realms of family and health. My question posed to this group was to reflect specifically on social media. Social Media was not an “industry” 7 years ago, and now is a central component of online marketing. Read more [...]

Instagram Stats

instagram stats
Instagram is swiftly becoming a hugely influential social network for businesses. Here's a quick look at why: It has 300 million users, with 75 million users checking in daily. That accounts for 20% of Internet users! 51% of users are male and 49% female. The largest user base age range is between 16 and 24, with 41% of users. 35% of users are between 25 and 34, 17% between 35 and 44, 6% between 45 and 54, and 2% between 55 and 64. About 70 million photos are posted on Instagram every Read more [...]

7 Steps to Getting your Brand’s Instagram off the Ground

With an incredible 300 million users, Instagram has fast become one of the best platforms to tell your brand's story. The simple notion of taking a picture, adding a nice filter and sharing it with the world has quickly turned into a $35 billion idea. And it's so successful that this social network sees an impressive 60 million photos uploaded to it every single day. Content marketing has really taken off in the past 5 years, and Instagram offers the perfect platform to share your content. Read more [...]

Seven Social Media Myths Sure To Frighten You

Happy Halloween all you ghosts and goblins! Here is a timely infographic that will scare you ... Seven Social Media Myths. The Hashtag Myth has been put to rest. Thumbs up for hashtags on Instagram and Twitter ... thumbs down on Facebook. Witch social network refers the most website traffic for B2B? LinkedIn! When is the bewitching hour for your Tweets? After dark and late at night is when all the Twitteriers come out to play. Optimal retweeting times? Between 10 and 11pm ET. Pinterest Read more [...]

Restaurants and Instagram: 4 Examples of Instagram Marketing Done Right

Today’s restaurant owners possess incredible resources that weren’t available even a decade ago – social media channels! Social media helps the owners share info about his or her restaurant, creates an ‘in club’ community for customers who are already loyal, and provides extra means of communicating a restaurant’s message to a broader audience. Plus, it’s inexpensive!  Restaurants can, if they so choose, spend extra money on networks like Facebook to expand your audience via targeted Read more [...]

Add Instagram Feed to Brand Facebook Page with TabSite

  Instagram App for Facebook Pages TabSite makes it easy to leverage the power of Instagram on your Facebook Page by creating a tab to display a brand's Instagram account photos or photos from a specific #hashtag. With user account photos, you can display your brand images from Instagram on a tab, and with hashtags you can empower fans to load their own images with the hashtag you identify and thereby pull in user generated Instagram photos. Page Admins have access to hide images from display Read more [...]

Instagram for Brands – How to Make it Work for Your Brand

Recently acquired by Facebook, Instagram is a photo sharing app that now boasts more than 55 million users and is continuing to grow rapidly, adding nearly 5 milion users a week. Due to this massive adoption rate and the way it intersects with other social platforms for posting such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, it’s important to assess whether your company should have a presence on this mobile app. While it’s an obvious fit for fashion, beauty, and photography companies Instagram Read more [...]

Instagram comes to Facebook Pages via TabSite

Instagram.  The darling billion dollar mobile app for social photo sharing comes to Facebook Pages through TabSite.   As noted by Social Media Examiner, Instagram was the smartphone photo sharing tool of choice long before its acquisition by Facebook and the release of an Android version. And it’s growing faster than ever. Now TabSite users can create an Instagram tab on their Facebook Page! TabSite makes it easy to leverage the power of Instagram by Read more [...]