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Marketing For The Holiday Season



20% of retailers’ yearly profits occur between November and December, making the holiday season an important time to ensure your marketing is reaching the right audience.

As early as Thanksgiving, you should have your Christmas promotions ready to go to capitalize on the over 3 trillion dollar consumer spend.

Tips to effective holiday marketing include:

  • Know your audience, and cater to returning customers, not bargain hunters.
  • Dress your website for the holiday season by using effective photos and highlighting sales.
  • Make sure you have a mobile strategy.
  • Use social media effectively by hosting holiday themed giveaways and contests, branding your channels in holiday themes, and running paid ads that showcase discounts/exclusive offers.
  • Revisit your SEO, email marketing, and PPC campaigns. Make them holiday branded and targeted to the best possible audience for each campaign.
  • Measure this year’s data to maximize next year’s profits!

Kudo’s to Gryffin Media for this phenomenal infographic!


Must-have Tools for Growth Hacking



This collection of digital tools is amazing, but what makes it even better is that they are all free! Everything you need to put your startup on the map!

 SEO Keyword Research

Everyone knows about Google Keyword Planner in Google Ads, but have you heard about WordTracker? Give it your keyword phrase, and it will suggest more, similar keywords.

Site Checkup and Analysis

HubSpot does a great job with their Marketing.Grader.com. It’s fun to see what kind of grade they come up with for your website, and it can help you get on the path to being found. If you want to test out this interesting tool, getting discounted HubSpot pricing will help you start with this tool while saving some money.

SEO Keyword Density

This is a little know secret to writing great posts … keyword density. Just enough so Google can find you easy, but not so many that you turn off readers. It’s a delicate balance. It looks like KeywordDensity.com is gone. 🙁

Duplicate Content

Google rewards those with unique content and punishes those with duplicate content. So before I post anything on my blog, I check it for duplicate content. SmallSEOTools.com Even when you write a blog from scratch, you’ll usually have anywhere from 5% to 12% duplicate content. We just have a tendency to use phrases and colloquialisms that are used be frequently. Take, for instance, the phrase “DIY project” it’s duplicate content from somewhere else on the web. Google knows this and allows for 20% duplicate content before it starts penalizing you.

Social Media Posting and Scheduling

HootSuite is the supreme ruler of social media posting, and they have quite a good free product. But you’ll need to purchase a monthly subscription to really gain a big benefit timewise.

Content Curation

There are so many great, free content curation apps and add-ons, Buffer, ViralTag, ScoopIt, Feedly and the list goes on and on.

Let me know if you try any of the tools on this list and which ones are your favorites. If you have a favorite tool that’s not listed here, please share in the comment section below.

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From Flora Pang

Facebook Marketing with TabSite – Taking Your Page to the Next Level

Trying to take your Facebook Page to the Next Level?  

Are you scratching your head and wondering how to get more active fans and a more vibrant Facebook community? Need ideas and direction?

TabSite Monkey

This is the webinar for you!

Join TabSite for an informative Facebook Marketing webinar that will empower you to maximize your organization’s Facebook marketing! You’ll be equipped with knowledge about choosing and running great promotions and contests on your Facebook Page.

Ready to dive into running a contest or promotion on your Facebook Page to boost engagement, reach, and activity? Needing guidance on how, when, and what to post?  We’ll cover that and more in this webinar!

Included in the webinar will be action points for:

– Types of Promotions companies can run on their Facebook Page
– How a Promotion can build activity and engagement on a Page
– Tools and Tips for Posting on Facebook
– Methods to give mobile users access to your promotions
– Best Practices for your Page and Promo




WHEN:  Thursday, April 25, 2013
TIME:     1:30 p.m. EDT (New York) / 10:30 a.m. PT / 6:30 p.m. London
COST:    Free online webinar event

The webinar will be 1 hour in length and will include approximately 35 minutes of input from the TabSite Team followed by a live Question & Answer time to answer attendee questions.


BONUS: 1 attendee will be randomly chosen to win a

Free for Life TabSite Gold Plan, a $150/year value.



Can’t attend the webinar live?  Register and you’ll be on the list to get a email with video replay link.

Need resources now?

Use Facebook Apps to Boost Page Engagement

How to Post your Promotion and Contest to Facebook News Feed – Best Practices

5 Keys for Facebook Page Contests and Promotions

Maximizing Engagement with Facebook Page Promotions and Contests



Ready to dive into running a contest or promotion on your Facebook Page to boost engagement, reach, and activity? 

Wanting to run a contest, a sweepstakes, or a deal but not sure which one is best for your company and your goals? 


TabSite co-founder Mike Gingerich hosted a crowd online for an informative webinar that empowered attendees to maximize their organization’s social media marketing!  This video replay will equip social marketers with the knowledge about choosing and running great promotions and contests on Facebook Page.

Included in the slides and video are action points for:

  • Types of Promotions companies can run on their Facebook Page 
  • Tips on selecting a Promo type for your Page 
  • Tools and Tips for Boosting Engagement on Facebook Pages 
  • Methods to give mobile users access to your promotions  
  • Ways to build your following on Pinterest and Instagram Best Practices for each Type of Facebook Contest








Select and Run Facebook Contest for your Page INFOGRAPHIC

Facebook Engagement — Achieve it and your page can soar to new heights. Without it, your merely shouting into the wind.

Companies that achieve engagement have pages with an active, positive, and involved community.  This type of social community responds to Facebook posts, is committed to the brand, and helps to further extend the reach of the Page through their sharing and comments.  Increased engagement can bring about positive returns in a number of areas for marketers including:

  • Increased size of audience
  • More brand awareness
  • Greater customer loyalty
  • Increased e-mail list opt-ins and subscribers
  • And more actions taken on ordering products and services

With research data by noting that 79% of Facebook fans are more likely to purchase from a brand they have liked, pursuing more fans and deeper engagement with existing fans is a huge priority!

The million dollar question remains, “how can a company boost engagement for their Facebook Page?”  While there are a number of core methods for increasing engagement such as creating highly shareable content, posting images and videos, and posting at key times, another powerful method is to run promotions. 

Promotions have the ability to draw visitors to a Facebook page and when used correctly, can be a very valuable tool to accomplish engagement objectives.  

Here’s a FACEBOOK PROMOTIONS INFOGRAPHIC with insights on types of Facebook contest promotions options, keys for which type to select and tips for maximizing the use of each type of promotion.


The four key types of Facebook Contest Apps to use for promotions include:

  • Facebook Sweepstakes App
  • Facebook Contest Apps (Photo Contest, Video Contest, Essay / tagline Contest)
  • Facebook Deal Apps (Coupons, Like Gate, Friend Share, etc.)
  • Facebook Mult-Social Network integrated apps such as Instagram Contests, Pinterest Deal Apps, and Twitter Contests that all work on a Facebook Page.

Tabsite makes all contest mobile accessible.  See example: Mobile

TabSite offers a full suite of Engagement Apps for use on Facebook Pages.  Easily setup and run Facebook promotions.  View options on Facebook Contest Apps here: