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[Infographic] ADA Website Compliance Checklist


ADA-Website-Compliance-Checklist-315The ADA or Americans With Disabilities Act sets several standards of accessibility for disabled Americans. As well, legally prohibits discrimination. The internet has become a part of daily life. Standards concerning website design as it relates to being accessible for the visual and hearing impaired now exist. There are many design concepts that assure a site is accessible as per the ADA. However, for the purposes of this article, the focus will be on how audio features can be best used to increase accessibility and reduce distraction.

Two Ways To Use Audio in ADA Compliant Website Design

Avoiding Background Audio Distractions

Background audio can be distracting to visitors or make the main content hard to hear or decipher. Speech tracks should either not have background audio. If background audio does exist there should be an option to turn it off. Any background sound included with an audio track should be at least 20 dB lower than the speaking part.

Audio Alternatives

Remember that not all website visitors can hear audio. Your website should have an alternative providing the same information as the audio tracks. Therefore, use alternative formats such as sign language, a text document, or subtitles.

Thanks to our friends at UglyBadger.com for this helpful infographic. 


Why Does a Website Go Down?



Thanks to WhoIsHostingThis.com for our infographic today. This one is a little different, it’s not talking about marketing, but websites.

There are various nuances of technical issues and mishaps that can affect a website, which can result in it crashing or going down.

Everyone is vulnerable. Even the big guys: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.,

To prepare oneself for this type of issue with any website, there are precautions to take.

The main causes of website outage include:

  • Server Overload
  • Server Maintenance
  • Webmaster Errors
  • Datacenter Problems
  • DDoS Attacks

The best ways to protect a website include:

  • CDN Services
  • Backup Hosting
  • DNS Management
  • Using a Scalable Hosting Plan

In case of an outage make sure the website is actually down and then contact the web host and let them know of the issue.

Be honest and communicate with customers. Outages and downtime happen, and people are usually well aware. Just let them know a server is down, it is temporary, and the issue is being fixed.

Keep up to date with the issue and once it is fixed, test all facets of the web page before relaunching (if the website was disabled). Then make customers aware the site is back up and running fine, once the issue is resolved, and resume the page.

Why your website goes down and how to fix it 2