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Why is Web Design Important? 6 Benefits of Good Website Design



Professional web design may seem expensive or even unnecessary when you consider the advent of DIY web builders that let anyone create a basic website with zero coding knowledge. But is it? Many small businesses and other DIYers have found out the opposite after painful experiences. Here’s how good website design can benefit your business.

Indeed, most small businesses that start with DIY site builders give up midway to seek the help of professional designers.

Red Web Design enumerates six perks of professional web design that will change your mind if you’re still on the fence.

A professional website sets the first impression

According to CXL, it takes just 50 milliseconds for visitors to form an opinion of your site, meaning you have about 0.05 seconds to impress your visitors. Now, think about it again. Can you impress your visitors so quickly with a DIY website? It’s impossible. You can only do so with a professional website.

Professional web design aids SEO

Many people think that SEO is only about writing beautiful content and publishing fresh posts regularly. Not even close. Although content quality is critical to favorable ranking, you also need to score highly in technical aspects of SEO, many of which have to do with the quality of web design, to consistently rank highly.

Check out the rest of the Red Website Design post to learn other benefits of professional web design so you can make an informed decision.

10 Essential On-Page SEO Factors for Google Success in 2022

On-Page-SEO-Factors-for-Google-Success Infographic

On-Page-SEO-Factors-for-Google-Success InfographicFavorable search engine performance remains critical to successful online marketing. A good SEO ranking boosts your business’ findability, improves reach, and increases overall conversion rates. But, more importantly, good SEO increases time spent on the site, boosts customer retention, and enhances ROI. For these reasons, every forward-thinking digital marketer is already thinking about how to improve their SEO performance in 2022. Notably, the Red Website Design team’s recent report enumerates ten essential on-page SEO factors to ensure success in the new year.

On-Page SEO Factors for Google Success

  • Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (EAT): These three have been Google’s most important ranking factors for a long time, and nothing is about to change. If you can EAT well, you’ll rank well.
  • Title tags: The title tag is the clickable title displayed in blue on search engines, the one searchers click to visit your site. Moreover, It’s the ultimate decider (along with the meta description), that determines whether the user visits your site.
  • Meta descriptions: Meta content is the content underneath the title tag in search engine result pages. Additionally, is also very important content. It directly impacts your click-through rate and indirectly impacts conversion.

Check out the Red Website Design report (it’s a beautiful infographic). The complete guide to learning ways to improve your SEO as we head into the new year.

Technical SEO Checklist 2020: Site Audit & Best Practices

Infographic Technical SEO checklist.

Infographic Technical SEO checklist.

“Technical SEO” is a term many business owners dread. As the name suggests, it involves a lot of technical stuff. For instance, from crawling to indexing to XML sitemaps and everything in between. Many small business owners have never dealt with these processes in the past.

Unfortunately, there’s no escaping technical SEO – because, without good technical SEO, your website is doomed to fail.

Tips and Best Practices

The Blue Ocean Group realizes the challenges associated with technical SEO and has rounded up tips and best practices to make your work easier.

Therefore, You don’t need to handle all the coding and design on your own. You can always find a professional to do it for you. But, it’s critical that you understand what’s going on as it helps you keep your site in the best shape possible and extract maximum benefit from your online presence.

Technical SEO Checklist Highlights

Among other things, the Blue Ocean Guide, which is available in the form of a very easy-to-scan infographic, recommends that you;

  • Secure your site with HTTPS
  • Develop a robust architecture for your site
  • Make your URL structure SEO friendly
  • Identify and fix crawling and indexing issues
  • Paginate your web pages
  • Invest in rich snippets and structured data

Check out the infographic from The Blue Oceans Group to discover how to implement these and several other technical SEO tips and best practices.



6 Key Optimization Tools For Your Business Website [Infographic]


6-Key-Optimization-Tools-For-Your-Business-Website-700Is your business website translating leads into massive profits? Are you keen on learning what tools will guarantee reliable site performance and boost traffic to your site? Experts from WebFX have released a list of tools that can assist you spot and improve website issues. These tools will help you maximize the effect of your content.

Optimization Tools for Your Business Website

SEO Checker

With this tool, you get tips on how well your site is doing online. SEO checker provides comprehensive information about your site’s performance. The tool informs you about what you need to do to rank better on search engines. The tool gives you a PDF that reviews 12 key areas linked to your site’s performance.


If your site is based on WordPress, then YOAST SEO is an essential tool. This tool comes with a free and paid version. YOAST SEO helps you optimize content for the most sought-after keywords. You also get content insights and internal linking suggestions.


A part of being successful online is beating your competitors to their game. Therefore, you should keep an eye on what your competitors are up to. With the AHREFS tool, you will be able to see your competitor’s content, rankings, and target keywords. AHREFS helps you identify your top pages, determine content gaps, and competing domains. The tool also allows you to see which pages are doing well.

Summing It Up

In this digital age, businesses make a huge impression by the way they portray themselves online.  For this reason, you need to pay attention to how you design, develop, and maintain your website. The following 6 optimization tools for your business website can help you get an edge over your competition by having a killer site that attracts massive traffic.

Thanks to the great folks at SocialMediaToday for this infographic.

Must-Know Facts for Small Business Websites


Must-Know-Facts-for-Small-Business-Websites-700Nowadays, most people are online, so small businesses will thrive better when they have their own websites. But because of tough competition, having a website isn’t enough — it should be optimized for search engines too for the following reasons:

Small Business Website Facts

1) Google is still the market leader.

Google gets 81% of the global desktop search traffic, which means many people use it as their primary search engine.

2) Searches jumpstart the buying process.

As many as 89% of customers begin the buyer’s journey with search queries, and 80% of them look only at top results.

3) Local business are subject to research.

Around 80% of people look up a business (including local ones) online before even visiting its physical store.

4) Search engines are stronger than social media.

Search results provide thrice as much traffic than posts on social media.

Unfortunately, small businesses are not taking advantage of these facts, as the following numbers indicate:

  • Only 17% of small businesses invest in search engine optimization (SEO) and 25% in online marketing.
  • Around 71% of small business don’t hire experts; instead, they do their own online marketing, which is not as effective.
  • Almost half of small business websites (around 44%) don’t have a responsive website.

Don’t let your small business get left behind. Learn more about SEO for small business websites from this infographic from Milkwhale.