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Get Customers without Spending a Cent on Marketing

Get Customers without Spending a Cent


Get Customers without Spending a Cent

Here are a few great ways you can get customers without spending a cent on promoting your business or products:

Social media marketing

You can create a professional profile on social media sites like LinkedIn or Twitter. Social media marketing is excellent to get the word out. Use Facebook and LinkedIn groups to find places where your potential customers post questions and issues. Solve problems in these groups to be seen as an expert. Then when a group member needs your product you’ll come to mind as an expert and someone they can trust.

Guest Blogging

Now that you’re seen as an expert in your field and you know the type of challenges people have with your service or product try guest blogging. Reach out to trade publications in your business niche and volunteer to write expert articles for them. Make sure you ask for a link back to your website. Your traffic will blossom as a direct result of your guest blogging efforts.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Free SEO plugins for your website are available online and they’re sure to help your business succeed in ranking at top of major search engines like Google.

Thanks to our friends at QuickSprout for this informative infographic.

Get Customers without Spending a Cent

What is Working Now in SEO

seo-then-vs-now 1

seo-then-vs-now 1

This is a great infographic showing what did work then and what is working now in SEO from our friend Neil Patel over at QuickSprout.

In it he compares the old SEO mindset vs. today’s mindset.

In the past, SEO focused was on a single keyword. Today it focuses on long tail keywords (phrases). A whopping 70% of website traffic comes from long tail keyword searches.

While SEO uses content marketing. Articles are focused and give the audience answers to questions or challenges they have. The articles are seen as very valuable to readers.

Most companies are now using content marketing as their primary SEO strategy.

Quality backlinks from high ranking websites are the goal now. Influencers and guest posting is a great way to add backlinks. Creating lasting relationships are the ways to get guest posting and blogging opportunities.

Check out the case studies on the graphic for what not to do to get traffic to your blog/website.