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[Infographic] How to Get More Shares on Your Next Blog Post

How to Get More Shares on Your Next Blog Post
Engaging content has a high potential to be shared, but you need to be proactive to convert that potential into actual results. Here's how to get more shares on your next blog post. Self-promotion Share your new content across all your social media sites and  automate the process using a tool like Hootsuite. Results tracking Determine what strategy works by using Google URL builder which  tracks where visits come from. Blogger outreach Connect with influencers such as popular bloggers Read more [...]

8 Stats For More Engagement On Facebook

facebook engagement stats
Some interesting Facebook stats in this infographic! Times change and things change on Facebook rapidly.  Like #7 below, this is no longer accurate but video getting the most engagement is indeed accurate....right now! Timing is key to engaging your audience Sunday is often a great day to post and results in more interaction. (watch your Page Insights for your best day) Post in the evening between 9-11 PM EST. Posts published within this time result in 88% more shares, comments, Read more [...]

Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior

understanding sonsumers local search behavior
Understanding consumers’ local search behavior is integral to sales. It helps to know that consumers search for products or services nearby, and that they search on every type device from phones and tablets to laptops and home computers. Take a quick look at some of the statistics surrounding consumers' local search behavior: 80% of the population uses search engines to find local products and services 88% use smartphones and 84% use tablets or computers 54% of consumers search Read more [...]

An Introduction to Content Marketing

Traditional advertising isn't enough in this day and age. What readers want is great content. Content marketing takes time to show its rewards. With content marketing, businesses are promoted to thousands of consumers online. There are so many things that a business can post, infographics, videos, ebooks, and blogs. All of these things are basic but are somewhat time-consuming. Some companies opt on the decision of hiring freelance writers, or in-house writers to handle all of Read more [...]

Creating Appealing Visuals

Creating Appealing Visuals
Social media is a huge and very busy place. It's difficult to get noticed but you can increase your chances of standing out by creating appealing visuals. Some easy things to remember when using images are: Make sure the image relates to the post Design with grids Use a photo filter Set up a color palette and font style for your brand People notice images, especially when they are used consistently or appear in a particular color scheme. Eye catching photography, videos and infographics increase Read more [...]

Social Networking – The Dark Side

Social Networking’s Dark Side
  People jump on social media sites like Facebook to keep up with friends, family and fans. More often than not people find their experiences with social media pleasant. However, like the real world, social networking can have a darker side. Even though most users post relatively harmless items, some people post offensive or harmful items. Inappropriate sexual content, graphic content and illegal activities are all activities that are reported daily. When reported, these posts are Read more [...]

Why PPC and Content Marketing are now the same: The Viral Cycle explained.

Viral Cycly
We believe that PPC and content marketing are now the same thing. Whoever creates/gathers the content is best equipped to amplify it, as well as follow-up to create spin-off (derivative) content, interviews, community support, etc… The above diagram is the framework that drives social- This is why... Goals: Each business has a story. The founder, CEO, or President has a distinct vision that is shared throughout the company with its employees. This vision and story makes great content! By Read more [...]

Social Media Efficiencies: 5 Tips to be More Productive

Does the idea of “Social Media Efficiencies” seem appealing and yet impossible? Are you overwhelmed at times by the sheer volume of  information flowing at you online each day? Do you ever struggle with paralysis to act and decide simply because there are so many options, tools, and “How to’s…” coming at you? If so, this post is just the ticket to help you narrow down the details and  find a “doable” path forward! Social Media Efficiencies: 5 Tips to be More Productive The Read more [...]

Valentine’s Day Facebook Tips for Businesses

Valentine's Day is coming soon.  Are you ready?   Valentine's is an important holiday for business!   $18 Billion in sales happens, second only to Christmas (Nat. Retail Federation) Average amount spent per person for Valentine's Gifts is over $131 (Forbes) Restaurants can feast!  Overall, 38% say they plan to go out for dinner on Valentine’s Day. For those who are married, that number jumps to 45%. (Forbes) Consider also... 50% of Valentine gifts are purchased Read more [...]

Are you Setup for Marketing Success? 10 True or False Questions to Help You Find Out

As a business owner it is very important to take a good long look at what is going on in your business.  As you know having customers, clients and patients are the lifeblood of your business.  So, the marketing aspect of your business needs to be constantly improving. So, I’ve put together 10 true and false statements that will help you understand if you are on the road to business success, struggle or failure in today’s new economy, our new world of social media, and online marketing. This Read more [...]