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How to Use Social Engagement to Drive Website Leads

How to Use Social Engagement to Drive Website Leads
We can all see the immense power of social media and the influence it has on the market. There are billions of people who use social media. You can use this power to your advantage, especially when it comes to driving leads to your website. Understand Your Audience To get the most out of your marketing efforts, it's imperative you know your audience. Create personas that represent your major demographics, and then target your posts towards these personas. Create Your Own Persona Your audience Read more [...]

Social Media Branding Strategies For Facebook

Facebook is one of the biggest social sites online - boasting around 600 million users. So when it comes to marketing your business online or trying to brand yourself, Facebook is one of the best places to be! I found this awesome infographic from FISWebDesign.com. It shows some great strategies for branding your Facebook page. Here's a quick summary of some social media branding strategies for Facebook: Set your vanity URL. Instead of being facebook.com/23456789 you can use your business Read more [...]

SnapChat Marketing for Business

snap chat for business
Have you used Snapchat?  Considering the business uses? I found this great infographic about marketing on Snapchat from RedWebsiteDesign.co.uk. Snapchat is a video sharing app that lets users record and send videos around 10 seconds long to fellow users. These short videos, called snaps, are automatically deleted by the system after a set duration. Snapchat is now the fourth biggest social media sharing app with more than 100 million active users between 13 and 24 years old. Businesses Read more [...]

Understanding Consumers’ Local Search Behavior

understanding sonsumers local search behavior
Understanding consumers’ local search behavior is integral to sales. It helps to know that consumers search for products or services nearby, and that they search on every type device from phones and tablets to laptops and home computers. Take a quick look at some of the statistics surrounding consumers' local search behavior: 80% of the population uses search engines to find local products and services 88% use smartphones and 84% use tablets or computers 54% of consumers search Read more [...]

Tabsite Landing Page App

TabSite Landing Page App
Have a product, service or event you want to sell? A landing page may be just what you need to gather leads. A Landing Page is used to get visitors to purchase your services, products or events. The page is focused with customized sales copy and a call to action that you want visitors to take such as: - Registering - Signing up - Buying Landing pages have tracking mechanisms so you can see where your buyers come from and how many complete the action noted. A key feature of landing pages Read more [...]

6 Ways Restaurants Can Best Use Facebook

Facebook offers EVERY restaurant a great way to stay in touch with their customers and find new ones. The key is in providing timely information and great value. By offering regular, fun, social information and timely updates via Facebook posts, a page has started well! By then making sure you offer easy access to information, deals, and more RIGHT ON Facebook to would-be customers, restaurants can really benefit. This provides easy, fast, and immediate access and removes barriers of potentially Read more [...]

How to Use Facebook Hashtags to Increase Facebook Contest Results

As marketers are starting to dig into the opportunities for using hashtags on Facebook to increase their marketing results one way that must not be overlooked is the ability to use Facebook hashtags for contests and promotions. Read more [...]

Checklist and Tips for Running a Successful Facebook Photo Contest

Marketers are always looking at finding new and effective ways to reach their target audience.  With Facebook being a major social network force where potential customers are spending significant time, maximizing the effectiveness of your company Facebook page is a critical consideration. Facebook Contests offer great engagement potential!  Here's the massive resource compilation on Facebook Contests! CONTESTS CAN: Drive Traffic Increase "Likes" of the fan page Extend audience reach Read more [...]

All Facebook Promotion Apps

Facebook Page Promotion Apps. What are the options? We've got a wide array to meet your needs! Whether you need a deal app, a coupon offer, a photo contest, or something else.  We've got a wide choice of options.  Need a Photo Contest?  We've got that.  Video Contest? Yes, that too.   Here's a quick rundown on the various promotions apps available from TabSite for use on Facebook Pages, all the basics in one convenient place:   Each Page App can be accessed with selection Read more [...]

Getting Started with TabSite Webinar November

Facebook Page Tools Webinar by TabSite  Sign-up for TabSite's "Getting Started" Webinar! (It's free!) DATE: The Webinar is 2 p.m. EDT / 11 PDT on Wednesday, November 28 2012(We are on New York City time.)   Webinar focus will be an introduction to the latest TabSite features for Facebook Pages Topics include key features such as: - Boost Fan Page Traffic & Engagement with Engagement Apps - Mobile Friendly URL's so Tabs can be seen on Mobile Devices - Setting up a Contest and Friend Read more [...]