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Create Content that is Better than your Competitors

How to Increase Website Traffic-315-1
Better content attracts more traffic. But what constitutes better? Read on to find out: Long-form articles Make your articles substantial and informative. High-ranking resources have around 2,400 words on average. To break up the content into smaller chunks, add an image every 100 words or so. Professional photos work best. Readable fonts Most people consume content on the small screens of their mobile devices, so small and fancy fonts won't be easy to read. Choose at least a size 15 font. Pages Read more [...]

Use a Content Calendar to Generate Leads

Use a Content Calendar to Generate Leads - 315
In 1996, Microsoft founder Bill Gates said that content is king. Fast forward to more than 20 years later, and what he said still rings true. But in the 90s, there wasn’t as much competition. You were good to go with a basic site with some text because that’s what all websites looked like then. But now content can be delivered in so many ways and on so many platforms. You need to have a clear plan with the following steps to ensure your content marketing is effective: Identify your target Read more [...]

Content Marketing 101 Explained with Kittens [Infographic]

Content Marketing 101 explained with Kittens [Infographic] - 315
You’ve probably heard the term “content marketing”,  but do you know what it is and why it’s an important part of your marketing plan? Content marketing 101 is explained in this informative and entertaining infographic from our friends at Mark Armstrong Illustration. According to the Content Marketing Institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content that will ultimately drive profitable Read more [...]

The Do’s and Dont’s of Content Marketing [Infographic]

The Dos and Don'ts of Content Marketing
Content marketing is an effective way to reach your target audience by offering relevant content that addresses their needs. There are several ways to market content, and one of them is blogging. Here are some tips you can try to succeed in blogging: Readability Keep sentences short, simple, and direct. Or if you need to use longer sentences to better explain a point, make sure to mix the length. The goal is to make content readable for most people. Consistency You don't have to Read more [...]

Use the Content We Crave to Attract More Web Traffic [Infographic]

Use the Content We Crave to Attract More Web Traffic
Some pieces of content become viral while others fade into obscurity. What differentiates content we crave from content we forget? Content that elicits emotions -- Content that makes people feel (whether positively or negatively) is memorable because it touches the core of who we are. Content that makes us think -- Does the content challenge our assumptions or offer a fresh perspective? People consume content to be entertained and educated. Content that motivates us -- Motivation makes Read more [...]

10 Common Blog Writing Mistakes

10 common blog writing mistakes
Excellent writing is vital for any businesses, and especially for their marketing efforts. Here an awesome infographic from GrammarCheck.com. I love this cheat sheet! Homonym errors - improper usage of words that sound similar, but have different meanings Incorrect tenses Narratives should be written in the past tense Statements about stories, movies, and/or books should be written in present tense Pronoun - noun disagreement Singular nouns should be used with singular pronouns Plural Read more [...]

The Simple Content Marketing Checklist

Need a simple but thorough guide for content marketing? Would you like to grow traffic to your site through blog posts that others value and want to link to and share? Melonie Dodaro of Top Dog Social Media has created a great 5 Step Content Marketing Checklist that you can use right away! The 5 Step Content Marketing Keys are: 1. Planning & Research 2. Writing 3. Optimization 4. Making it "Shareable" 5. Promotion Here's the infographic to share! The Simple 5 Step Read more [...]

10 Tips to Create Share Worthy Content

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Is your content relevant, engaging, high quality, valuable, actionable? Is it content that is going to inspire me to give you my attention? Will it inspire me to take action? To engage with you and your brand? Is it going to inspire me to take an action that will benefit you and your business? Read more [...]