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How to Use Social Engagement to Drive Website Leads

How to Use Social Engagement to Drive Website Leads
We can all see the immense power of social media and the influence it has on the market. There are billions of people who use social media. You can use this power to your advantage, especially when it comes to driving leads to your website. Understand Your Audience To get the most out of your marketing efforts, it's imperative you know your audience. Create personas that represent your major demographics, and then target your posts towards these personas. Create Your Own Persona Your audience Read more [...]

[Infographic] How to Format a Blog Post for Readability

How to Format a Blog Post for Readability
Here are some useful tips on how to format a blog post for readability. Let's face it, without good content your blog isn't going to generate a lot of traffic. But content isn't everything. Formatting your blog for readability is just as important for keeping your readers engaged. Here's a look at ways to ensure that your business's blog is easy to read. Tips to Format a Blog Post for Readability: Format is Everything Carefully formatting your blog is crucial to readability. Write or edit Read more [...]

Why You Should Segment Your Email List [Infographic]

Why You Should Segment Your Email List - 315
Despite the rise of social media and other forms of marketing, email still represents one of the best ways to make a massive return on your investment. In fact, new technology has fueled new tactics that further cement email as one of the most effective forms of marketing. Today I’m going to show you why segmenting your email list is a practice that you should be doing.  After that, we’ll take a look at an infographic that will show you plenty of other ways to maximize your email marketing Read more [...]

How To Use Contests to Generate Sales Leads

How To Use Contests to Generate Sales Leads - 315
Marketing is vital to all business. Large organizations have money and resources at their disposal. Small businesses and start-ups have to be creative to compete. How do you get your name in front of prospective customers and generate leads? A fun way is to a run contest via social media. Incorporated correctly into your marketing plans these are a great way to spread the word about your company, provide a line of communication, and increase sales. But how do you organize and run an online Read more [...]

Emoji Marketing [Infographic]

Emoji Marketing
This infographic comes to us from SocialMediaToday.com What is an emoji and what does it do? Emojis were created in the 90s by a communications company in Japan. They are an evolution of typed facial expressions 🙂 and are used to express emotions. Why Does Emoji Marketing Work? Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text We consume 5 times as much information than we did 30 years ago 63% of social media is comprised of images We consume 34 GB outside of work every Read more [...]

Demystifying Adwords [Infographic]

Demystifying Adwords
This great infographic comes to us from our friends at the DailyInfographic. Through AdWords, businesses can advertise their products and services on Google. They bid on keywords relevant to their niche, and their ads will appear alongside organic search results. The competitive keywords are priced higher, but businesses can bid on long tail keywords not only for their lower prices but also for the better-targeted audience. The good thing about AdWords is that it's a pay-per-click advertising Read more [...]

Social Media Checklist

social media checklist
Our hat is off to TheWholeBrainGroup.com for this checklist infographic. It’s brilliant! You’ll want to print it out and USE IT! Here are some of the key points in the checklist: Identify your demographic and content that is relevant to them. Keep your blog posts brief and to the point. Each post should address any questions your demographic have about your industry, products, or service. Shareable content is popular content. Always include social sharing buttons (Facebook, Twitter, Read more [...]

Social Media in Real Time

social media in real time
Presented by Coupofy Thanks to coupofy.com for this impactful real-time infographic that illustrates social media marketing potential in real time. If you think you only need to have a social media page and can let it go with attending to it, you need to rethink that strategy!  Engagement matters! In just the few seconds it took you to read this, someone shared their thoughts, likes, wishes, and wants. Potential customers are interacting consistently in real time. Users are liking Read more [...]

Facebook: The Place for PDA on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Day is a major social event for everyone, couples, singles, pets. The idea is that there's more to love than just the romantic love. Digital marketers stand to gain a lot by capitalizing on this upcoming celebration. Facebook is the place for public PDA on Valentine's Day and here's a great infographic from  SocialTimes.com that proves it. According to Facebook IQ, people declare love for family, friends, pets, and even themselves on Valentine's Day. Most of the time, this show Read more [...]