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Is your brand on the path to social commerce success?

social commerce success

social commerce success

Social commerce success has come on massively in the last few years. Millions of people purchase items directly from social media posts. For instance, a new report by e-Marketer shows that nearly half of US consumers bought a product on Facebook or Instagram in the past 12 months.

As a result, more businesses are putting more money into social commerce investments. For instance, 83% of US brands already have one or more social shops.

Emplofi.io has gathered valuable statistics and industry insights to help you take greater control of your social commerce campaign to drive greater value.

Stats on Social Commerce Success

  • Only 30% of brands have the tools to optimize social commerce across key social media networks. Even worse, only 26% have the tools to capture the next generation of customers.
  • The two biggest challenges for brands getting into social commerce are inventory and engagement. At least 52% of brands cannot manage/optimize their inventories across social channels, while 47% struggle to convert followers into customers.
  • About 57% believe that better customer service/support is the key to better social commerce outcomes. Meanwhile, 59% believe the solution lies in better visibility across social shops.

Check out the rest of the Emplifi.io report to learn other key challenges for brands rolling out social commerce and how to overcome these challenges.


social commerce success infographic

Visualizing the Social Media Universe in 2020

Visualizing the Social Media Universe in 2020-1

Visualizing the Social Media Universe in 2020-1

The social media universe is rapidly expanding. According to multiple sources, we’re already at 3.8 billion social media users – over half of the global population. More importantly, the number of social networks keeps rising. An August 2020 Statista report shows that there are currently at least 15 social platforms with 300+ million monthly users.

Visual Capitalist has been following the usage trends and early this year, drew up a popularity map of the major social platforms globally and by geographic location. It’s a fascinating infographic.

How Are the Big Boys Performing?

The list starts with the Zuckerberg Empire, comprising Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger. Facebook is the most popular of the three and globally, with 2.6 billion users. Many experts foresee the platform hitting the three billion mark in the next few years.

At second place is WhatsApp. Acquired by Facebook in 2014 for a price of $16 billion, $4 billion in cash, and $12 billion in Facebook shares, WhatsApp is currently used by a whopping 2.0 billion people worldwide. What’s more, the WhatsApp platform processes 65 billion messages every day or 54 million messages per minute.

Check out this social media universe infographic for yourself to find out how the other social media platforms have performed in 2020 so far. Whether you’re a marketer or business owner, you’re certain to glean some useful insight.

How often to post on Social Media [Infographic]


How-often-to-post-on-Social-Media-Infographic-700Businesses have to maintain an active social media presence, or else customers will choose their competitors when searching for services or products. However, it can be difficult for a business to determine how often to post on social media.

How Often Businesses Should Post on Facebook

How often a business posts on Facebook depends mainly on how many followers they have. When they have less than 10,000 followers, they should post a single post per day. When it exceeds more than one post, it gets approximately 60 percent fewer clicks per post. For companies with over 10,000 followers, they should post 1 to 2 times per day.

How Often to Post on Twitter

Businesses have to tweet enough to get noticed. To get the highest response rate, companies have to tweet 2 to 5 times per day.

How Often to Post on Instagram

Businesses should post 1 to 2 posts on Instagram per day. However, companies should publish only high-quality content that has value to the audience.

How Often to Post on LinkedIn

LinkedIn advises business owners on how often to post on their network. When businesses post 20 times per month, they can reach 60 percent of their audience.

Equipped with the above information, businesses have everything they need on the number of times they post each day on social media. Thanks to LouiseM.com for this helpful infographic.


Why Social Media Marketing is Essential


Why-Social-Media-Marketing-is-Essential-1One fact about businesses today is that they need a social media presence. Whether big or small, learn why social media is essential to be part of a business’ marketing strategy. Social platforms help a company connect with its customers, increase awareness of their brands, and boost leads and sales. With over three billion people using social media, it’s not a passing trend. Here are a few reasons why social media marketing is essential.

4 Benefits of Social Media

  • Cost-effective

    Social media is possibly the most cost-effective marketing strategy. Signing up and creating an account is free on almost all social media platforms. This marketing strategy is cost-effective and helps businesses attain a higher ROI.

  • Show Authenticity

    Social media provides businesses with a platform where they can show their brand voice. Additionally, they’re able to improve their brand’s personality.

  • Better Customer Satisfaction

    Customers appreciate modified replies by businesses rather than computerized messages. Businesses that value their customers can compose personal messages which are perceived in a positive light.

  • Enhances SEO Rankings

    Social media is one of the factors used in calculating rankings. Today, optimizing a website isn’t enough. Furthermore, for a business to secure a successful ranking, it has to share content on social media.

To summarize, there is no doubt that social media marketing has several benefits. By updating the right social media marketing strategies, businesses can increase traffic and improve brand loyalty. To learn more, check out the infographic below from the good folks at PRDaily.

[Infographic] Social video lengths and images sizes


[Infographic]-Social-video-lengths-and-images-sizes-700The value of videos and images in social media content cannot be overstated. You need as many videos and images in your posts as possible to attract more eyeballs and get more clicks. Social video lengths and images sizes need to be the optimal size for best results.

On Facebook, for example, posts with videos get 59% more engagement (shares, likes, comments, etc.). Images have a positive impact on engagement, too, albeit to a smaller extent. An image in your Facebook posts can boost engagement by as much as 37%, according to Jeff Bullas.

Impact of Social Video Lengths and Images Sizes

One way to maximize your social media engagement is to keep an eye on the length of your videos and the size of your images. That’s because if your video is too long, viewers may not watch to the end. If it’s too short, however, you might not get your message across properly. As for images, when the size is too small, viewers might struggle to see the message. An overly large image, on the other hand, may not display correctly on smaller mobile screens.

Render Forest has done the research and determined the optimal video lengths and image sizes for each of the major social media networks – complete with landscape recommendations! Check out the following infographic from Render Forest to find out what you might have been doing wrong so that you can revise your campaign for an improved ROI.