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Get the Right Type of Facebook Fans [Infographic]

7 Questions to Get the Right Type of Facebook Fans - 315

7 Questions to Get the Right Type of Facebook Fans - 315Quality is more important than quantity when it comes to Facebook fans. Ask yourself these 7 questions so you can attract and get the right type of Facebook fans. You’ll  improve the quality of your fans and increase leads and sales.

1. What are your business goals?

Do you want to expand, promote new lines, have fun?

2. Who is your target audience?

You must know the demographics of who buys your product.

3. How does your audience behave online?

Where do they hang out, what do they enjoy, etc?

4. How can you help your audience?

What problems can you solve, necessary services can you provide?

5. How do you communicate with your audience?

Know how and where your consumers talk about business.

6. What makes you different?

How do you differ from your competition?

7. What do you have to offer?

Create trust by offering something for free that can help your consumers.
Here’s my latest infographic inspired by my blog post on PostPlanner.com.
Thanks to the team at www.Visme.co for their great infographic tools and for creating this beautiful infographic for me.

7 Questions to Get the Right Type of Facebook Fans










Facebook Ad Demographics

facebook-advertising-infographic 1

facebook-advertising-infographic 1

This infographic is vital if you use Facebook Ads. Facebook Ad demographics are laid out visually for a better understanding of how to use them. A big thank you to PremiumITSolutions.com.au for this engaging and information infographic.

The ability to target your customers through Facebook advertising is becoming increasingly refined.

Facebook now allows marketers to target ads based on the following demographics:

Geographic location – Great for local businesses like restaurants and retail stores.

Age & Gender

Relationship status – Hotels and travel agents can target newly engaged people.

Educational level – Graduate schools can target undergrads with invitations for upper-level degrees.

Employment – Training programs and CEU unit providers can target people working in their specific field.

Ethnic affinity and generation – Use this to target parents with children in a specific age bracket.

Political beliefs – You know all the Presidental candidates will be using this targeting option.

Major life events  Like anniversaries, job status, birthday, away from home, and even more.

Language, Interests & Behaviors – Target by sports team, foreign language or topic.

Think about your typical consumer profile and match it to your advertising audience.

For example, if your local business sells baby clothes, you can target customers in your town (location), who just had a child (major life event).

The better you know your customer, the more likely you’ll see your business grow.


10 Questions You Must Answer To Grow a Vibrant Facebook Community

grow facebook community

grow facebook community Many marketers jump on Facebook and expect instant results. They often see other business leaders seeing success and question why they aren’t experiencing the same results.

The truth is that although some Facebook marketers may make it look easy, chances are high that the ones that are driving real business results did not just get lucky. Many have been in the trenches for months and years doing research on their community, testing different methods to drive engagement, integrating social media into their business and list goes on.

Knowing who is in your community is key to success for any and all Facebook marketers. Often times who you think is in your community is far different than who really is or who you wish was in your community.

As part of our “Get a Grip” Series on Facebook Marketing where we help marketers look at key aspects of their Facebook strategy, this post helps Page Admins dig deeper into the core behind your actual marketing.  This is IMPERATIVE in order to ultimately be successful.

It could be you are still in early growth stages of developing your community or you could be several years into leveraging Facebook to meet business goals. Regardless of the size of business, how many fans you have, or how long you have been doing Facebook marketing it is important to know your audience.

10 Questions You Must Answer to Grow a Vibrant Facebook Community 

1. What are your goals and objectives?
Hopefully when you started using Facebook you set goals, objectives and a plan to attract, connect with and engage your target audience. If you didn’t, well no better time than the present.  As we always recommend, you must take time to plan and set goals for what you want to accomplish.

2. What is your target market?
If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to clearly define your target market. Who do you want to attract? Define the specific demographics of your target market. Who are they? How old are they? What specific industry or niche do they work in? What is the role they have at work? Do they work?

3. What is the online behavior of your target market?
When are they online? What social network sites do they frequent and why? How often do they frequent them? Do they read blogs? Do they prefer video, audio, text or all of the above?

4. What language does your ideal customer talk in?
What is the tone of their conversations? Are they more casual or formal? Are they using simple language or more complex? Do they use acronyms or will they be confused by them? Do they talk the same language and in the same tone of which you have been speaking to them?

5. What problems does your target market have and how can you help them solve them?
What keeps your ideal customer up at night? How can you help them sleep better? How can you help them solve their problems so they can focus on their core business

6. What are the core benefits you offer to your ideal customer?
How can you help them drive higher efficiencies in their life or business? How can you help them achieve more?  How will they benefit in purchasing your products or services

7. What core benefits do you offer that are different than what your competitors offer or what they can get from replacement products or services?
What do you offer that is unique? How is your product or service more valuable than the others? What can you do to drive higher value in the eye of your ideal customer?

8. What can you offer your ideal customer for free to attract them to you and your brand?
One of the best things you can do to grow a Facebook community is to share your best content. Don’t hold back. What information can you share with them to help them meet their business or life goals? You can provide free blog posts, downloadable worksheets or white papers. You can offer training in the form of video, audio or a combination of both.

9. How will you measure success?
It is imperative that you set goals and metrics for how you will measure results. How will you know if you were successful if you don’t know what successful looks like? Truth is you won’t.

10. When all else fails, ask your community.
If you struggle with the answers to any of the above questions, try asking your community for answers. People love to answer questions. If you don’t know what they want, ask them. If you don’t know what problems they need solved, ask them. If you don’t know what keeps them up at night or how you can help them, ask them.

Thoughts on this?  Any areas that you would recommend adding?


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