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Add Admin with Ability to Pay


TabSite is pleased to offer a requested functionality addition to the Master Admin role offered within the TabSite Manager.

TabSite users can add Master Admins to any TabSite Plan (Free-Gold) so that the Master Admin can access and manage the tabs and content on the tabs of that fan page.  Now TabSite has added the ability for the TabSite user to grant Payment update access to Master Admins.

This new feature for Master Admins is an additional toggle that can be checked for Master Admins that will give them ability to see the payment status for that fan page and to be able to update the credit card that will be used for billing to one of their own credit cards on record.  Master Admins never have access to the credit card number of the TabSite user that granted them Master Admin permissions so security is always maintained but this addition allows for the situations where one user creates a TabSite account but another person such as a Community Manager does most of the tab updating. 

Now the Master Admin can ensure that the fan page service is current in the event a a credit card has expired.

Current TabSite plan users wanting to give this function to existing Master Admins should go to the Account Information area in the TabSite Manager and under "Administrator Manager", select the fan page to grant access to, add a Master Admin and check the "Payment Profile Access" box.  Existing Master Admins would need to be removed and then re-added with the new feature to enable the functionality for them.  This is per fan page.