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Video Widget

icon_video_36.jpgThe Video Widget allows you to easily embed YouTube, FLV, and also Vimeo videos!


Drag the Video Widget onto your tab page.

If you are using a YouTube video, paste the embed code in the field provided. Check the Autoplay button to have your video automatically start playing when your tab loads. If you want to use your own preview image, check the Use Preview Image button. Once you select the Use Preview Image option, you will be given the option to select an image from your image tray or upload a new image by dragging the image to the Drag to Upload area.

* Please note that if you choose the Use Preview Image option, it will override the Autoplay.

To use a Flash video, selet the FLV tab.

Enter the URL where the Flash video is hosted, along with the height and the width you would like the video to be dispayed. There is also an option to Enable Autoplay and a Preview Image, as with YouTube. If you would like to add a title to the video, enter the title in the field provided.

If you are using a Vimeo video, simply paste the embed code in the box provided an click Accept.


After creating your widgets and settings. Don't forget to click Save.


 This window will appear. Just choose Save & Continue  to save what you are doing and keep working, or Save and Close, and click Okay for the succeeding windows.


Type your Page Name and click Save.


To learn more about the Container Properties, click HERE!