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Landing Page

Landing Pages by TabSite are a powerful feature allowing you to create lead capture pages using any app.

You can create landing pages for things like:

  • Sign-ups for Email lists
  • Event Sign-ups
  • Contests and Sweepstakes
  • Promotions, Coupons, and Deals
  • Product offer campaigns
  • Surveys and Special Announcements

Each Landing Page allows you to setup Facebook Ad tracking pixels to run ads and see ROI on traffic and submissions, and you can see stats on each landing page in the Analytics area.

Here are instructions on setting up a Landing Page within any App:

1. In the TabSite manager, go to "Add App" and select the App of choice.  This opens the manager setup for that app.

2. In the App setup, under the Landing page section in the left menu (shown below), create your own landing page directory name for your use on any landing pages you create such as https://tabsite.com/mybusiness/summerpromo

You may also change the title and header font color. (There is a landing page preview at the bottom of the setup to view it)

3. Next, if desired, put the Pixel Tracking code for Facebook and or Google Ads for your landing page tracking. You can also modify and customize your Landing page further in this area if you know how to do CSS styling.

Once complete, your landing page functions and publishes by using the "Publish" feature on the app.