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Enterprise App Pool Setup


Enterprise Application Pool

In this area you can create a pool of applications to select from when adding a new tab to a fan page.

This is important and makes it easy for your clients and others as it streamlines the process so that users do not need to create a new app each time by going to the Facebook Developer area. The only time a custom app will be needed is for custom icons (16x16) and for the Multi-use tab.

By creating a family of applications, each application within the family will share the application name, logo and icon. Once an application has been added and validated and is in use, it is good practice to not change the application properties or delete the application. Instead, create a new family of applications with the desired properties.



Click on the "Add New Application Family" link. 



STEP 2: 

Go to the Facebook Develop area via the link.  Click on the "Create New App" button.

Go to Facebook Developer Area




ONLY add the App Name and then select "Continue".  DO NOT Select "Heroku Hosting" or add/change anything else.


Did we mention: DO NOT Select "Heroku Hosting" or add anything else in the App?


Complete the Security Check box and the App will be created.  Get the App ID and paste it in the box open in the TabSite Manager.  Do the same for the App Secret.  DO NOT complete any other fields in the app.


Enter these fields in the App ID and App Secret fields as shown below.  (click in each field to open area to paste App ID and App Secret.) Make no other changes to the tab app fields.  




We then create the App and prompt you to complete naming and publishing in the Manager.  Proceed with creating your tab.



NOTE: An exclamation point under "Valid" indicates an application needs to be revalidated. Click the exclamation button to do so.


Repeat process to create additional apps in this pool.  Final step is to add a large imag icon, small 16 x 16 icon and name the App Pool as shown below.  Note that this name appears in wall when the "Save and Post" feature is used to post to a Page wall.

Repeat process to create additional pools of apps with unique 16 x 16 icons that users can select from when creating their own tabs.