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Facebook Page Overview

About Facebook Pages and Personal Accounts

A Facebook account (or user profile) represents a single person — you. You create a Facebook account by filling out the Sign Up form on the Facebook home page, where it asks for your name, email address, password and other personal information.

Once you have an account, you can make connections and use Facebook. Your Facebook account has a profile (with its own unique URL) that shows information about you.  This is your Facebook Profile.

Many people make the mistake of creating a Facebook (that is, a personal profile) to represent a business — this is forbidden by Facebook’s Terms & Conditions.  

Facebook Page (Page for short) is the designated type of page on Facebook where a business, band or celebrity can interact with fans and offer custom content.  Like a personal profile, a Page has its own URL. Pages do not have friends — they have fans. A Fan is anyone who has clicked the Like button at the top of the Facebook Page.

Typically, a Page doesn’t have an associated email address and password. Instead, Facebook maintains a list of Page Admins, personal Facebook accounts that have permission to manage the Page. When you create a new Page while logged in to Facebook using your personal account, your personal account is automatically designated as a Page Admin. Any Page Admin can add additional Facebook users to also be Page Admins.  THIS IS THE PREFERRED METHOD FOR CREATING A PAGE FOR A BUSINESS, to create a Page while logged into Facebook with your personal profile.   

Business Accounts

If you don’t have a personal Facebook account, you can still create a Page, but you’ll be prompted to create an account so you can login to Facebook. This account does not have a profile, so it has limited capabilities and won’t work completely with TabSite. Facebook calls these business accounts, and they are not able to create custom named tabs. Facebook does not allow business account logins to work with their API. They require custom apps for tabs to be created by a real personal profile login.   See Facebook Documentation

If you created a Business Account tied to your Page, the solution would be to make your personal Facebook account a Fan Page Admin of the fan page on Facebook.

How to tell if you have a “business” account

  • Go to Facebook and login to your account.
  • Look in the top blue bar.
  • If you only see Settings and Logout to the right, then you are using a business (limited) account, otherwise, you are using a personal account.

Here are some things you can’t do using a business account:

  • Create Custom Named Tab Apps (because “business” accounts can’t use the Facebook Developer App area).
  • View the Timeline of your users/fans.
  • View any content created on Facebook other than your own Pages.

We strongly recommend that you use your personal Facebook profile account to manage your Page(s), and if you don’t have a personal account, that you create one.