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HotLink - Image Mapping

The HotLink WidgetHotLink_TabSite_widget.jpg enables users to create transparent image spots over any portion of their fan page TabSite design and make that area a active hyperlink.   It is "Image Mapping" made easy! 

The widget, available to all Paid Plan users, creates the ability for users to, in effect, map any area of their fan page design, making each mapped area a url link to a specific website.

What this does is allow users to save time and be efficient by enabling ability to load a large single image and then HotLink particular areas of that image each to specific url links!

Here's a quick video overview of the new HotLink widget available to all Paid Plan TabSite users:  HotLink_TabSite_widget2.jpg


OptionWithin the HotLink Widget

Choose how you want the url to open when it is clicked on within your custom tabs. 

Options include:

  • Open link in a New Window/Tab
  • Open link in Same Window (replaces current page with link clicked)
  • Open in current IFrame - This is the fastest loading option to link to other TabSite tabs or sub-pages because the Facebook page frame is not loaded again, only your new tab content
  • Open Email - this allows you to link to an e-mail address so when clicked their default e-mail client can load with your pre-determined subject line.


EDITING A PREVIOUSLY CREATED CONTENT WIDGET: To edit the content that you have previously added to your TabSite, right click on your Content, and click on edit. This will bring up your editor again.  

You can also go to the "Layers" tab in the TabSite Manager below "Widgets" and click the Edit link next to the Content Widget you want to edit.





After creating your widgets and settings. Don't forget to click Save.


This window will appear. Just choose Save & Continue  to save what you are doing and keep working, or Save and Close, and click Okay for the succeeding windows.


Type your Page Name and click Save.



To upgrade your TabSite free plan to have the HotLink widget, simply go to www.TabSite.com/steps and select any paid plan.