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ISSUE: TabSite is not recognizing that I am a Admin of a certain Facebook Page:


  • Make sure you only have one Facebook session (logged in as only one user) active in your browser.  Simply log-out of TabSite and Facebook, then log back in again.
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies, then login again to ensure you have a clean session
  • See if trying another browser makes a difference.  TabSite is compatible with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer 8 & 9.

ISSUE: I cannot add a tab and am getting a error message about permissions:

Solution:  Deauthorize TabSite permissions in Facebook and then reauthorize.  The following procedure will remove the permissions you have granted to TabSite.  It is needed when you get a "Failed to retrieve access Token" message.

This does not effect your account or tabs, but you’ll be prompted to grant permission to TabSite when you next try to login or install a tab.

Explanation: Facebook provides TabSite with a unique token that allows us to do things on your behalf. That token may be invalid in some way, so this procedure forces Facebook to issue TabSite a new token.

  1. Go to Facebook Settings
  2. Find “TabSite” and click the "X" to the right, then click the “Remove” button to confirm.
  3. Log out of TabSite and login again.


ISSUE: I have been made a Master Admin of a Facebook Page in TabSite by the owner, but the Page is not showing up in my TabSite Manager area.

Solution: The e-mail address the owner added for you must match EXACTLY the e-mail you entered as your TabSite customer e-mail address when you signed up for TabSite.  You can find this e-mail in the TabSite Manager under "Account Information".  This is the e-mail address the owner must add to make you a Admin of particular TabSite.