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Promotion Tools

Promotion Tools from TabSite offer specific features that Admins can use to help drive traffic back to their TabSite Custom Apps, whether on Facebook or on their website.

The Promotion Tools section is in the setup list in any app setup. It is consist of four sub-settings namely Social Sharing Options, Blog/Web Call-out Tool, Post Planning and Comment System.


The first sub-setting for the Promotion Tools is the Social Sharing Options. In this page, you'll be able to set the Social Sharing messages you want to spread out to your other social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Decide whether where you want it to be displayed on the screen: top, bottom or both. Decide on your tab title and description; make them as creative and attention-grabbing at the same time. Also, don't forget to write down your desired tweet text on the input field below.


The Blog/Web Call-out Tool lets your fan page obtain a lot of traffic via a promotional call-out. All you need to do is upload a photo and then, we will give you an embed code you can utilize to place the call-out image to your personal blog or to other sites. When visitors click this image, they will be forwarded to your Facebook tab. Note: This feature is offered to Platinum level users only.


The Post Planning sub-setting allows you to schedule as well as publish your posts to social media sites.  We offer three types of scheduling services specifically Sendible, Hootsuite and Buffer. We use the SMART URL when displaying since it is mobile and PC friendly. It forwards your visitors to your created Facebook tab.


The last sub-setting for Promotion Tools is the Comment System. You will need to click the Enable Comment System check box first before you can gain access to the options located below.

The first of these options is the "Allow visitors to sign-in to comment via" which gives you two options for signing-up before posting any comment; either on Facebook or on a Form. Meanwhile, the "Comment Notification Emails" option lets you add the email addresses you want to notify for new, posted comments. Lastly, the "Require comment approval" check box gives you the power to approve or reject the submitted comments. Underneath, there is a gray button called Manage Comments which exactly does what its name says.