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AWeber Integration for Forms

TabSite offers a easy AWeber integration for each of our form apps. Including apps those you use often including:

  • Photo Contest
  • Sweepstakes
  • Form and Survey App
  • Sweepstakes Plus
  • Friend Share Deal Reveal & Download
  • Coupon App
  • Essay and Video Apps

The AWeber integration is within any app that offers a form (except Drag N Build which is a unique app).

Simply go to the Integrations section (in left menu) as shown below.

Then select "Enable" on the AWeber option.  This opens an input box.  


Click the "Get Access" button in step 1. 


An AWeber window will open for you to login to AWeber. 


Upon login it generates your Access Token and Token Secret Key for Step 2 and 3.  


You may put the name of the Tabsite app that you are using on no.4 (Ad Tracking) to note in your AWeber list the Tabsite form you use when it is submitted. Next, click the "Refresh Lists" button in step 5 anytime you want to refresh the lists in TabSite that you currently have in AWeber. This then launches the 6th step where users need to map the form fields in their app to the proper fields in AWeber.   


Note that apps may have more than one form in them, such as the Form Gate, the app form, and a post-entry form. Select the form to map and match fields.  Once mapped, we recommend you ensure the opt-in box is checked so that the TabSite sign-up acts as your opt-in permission. Save and you are done!

Each time a user submits the form, the form field data is pushed to AWeber where you have access to the AWeber tools to use for nurture campaigns and email marketing to that list!

You can return to the integration at any time in the "Enabled integrations" area to make changes.