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MicroSite - Website Landing Pages

Website Pages for your Apps: MicroSites 

Only TabSite gives you a website of your apps!

TabSite offers a website / MicroSite capability which extends your app to the web!  Now you have another way to get your apps and Fan Page tabs found on the web.

Access your MicroSite in the TabSite Manager area under Plans by clicking the settings Gear as shown below.

A MicroSite is a mini website landing page (web page on tabsite.com) with social sharing features.

KEY FEATURES OF THE TabSite Landing Page Website:

  • Automatically pulls in the content from your app when a app is published
  • Ability to secure a custom username url. Example: www.TabSite.com/yourname
  • Fully indexable by Search Engines (not limited like iframe tabs on Facebook)
  • The logo image and "Find Us on Facebook" are automatically linked to your Fan Page
  • The header title allows visitors to "Like" your fan page from the MicroSite
  • Available to all TabSite users

Once you have selected the Gear a pop-up box appears to set the following options:

1. Set your Microsite landing web page title 

2. Add your Google Analytics Tracking code (it is the UA-... numbers)

3. Add the URL you wish to have for your landing tab.  


Why a Landing Page Web page MicroSite? 

It's like a lead capture paradise!  Direct traffic from your campaign direct to this landing page and you know the results of your campaign efforts!

CUSTOMIZE YOUR URL: You choose your own custom URL, which are on a first-come-first-serve basis available first to paid plan users only at this time. 

TabSite FREE Plan

  • MicroSites are published by default and cannot be unpublished
  • Advertisements are always on
  • Social Sharing is always on
  • Control the order of your Tabs & Sub-Pages in the navigation

TabSite Paid Plan

  • MicroSites are published by default, when a app is published
  • No Advertisements 
  •  Your own URL
  •  Use as a landing page for promotion campaigns
  • Published when your app publishes

With a a TabSite MicroSite your app content will achieve better search engine indexing!

Again, MicroSites are available to all TabSite users and there is no additional charge.

If you haven't already done so, SIGN UP for a FREE TabSite today and get ready to use the advanced MicroSite tools available to all TabSite users! 

See a live MicroSite example here:  www.TabSite.com/DigitalHill