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TabSite is pleased to offer Sweepstakes for use on fan page tabs.

Sweepstakes allow visitors to submit entries during a promotional time period.  Each entry is e-mailed to you.  From the entries you can pick a winner.


  • Set the "Go-Live" Date and End Date
  • Pre-Sweepstakes custom message
  • Sweepstakes Form Builder to create the exact form fields you need
  • No TabSite branding

TabSite's Sweepstakes is fully compliant with Facebook's Promotion Policy.


Step by Step Sweepstakes Guide:

  • First, TabSite users should go to the TabSite manager and on the tab that you want to have the Sweepstakes on, we recommend you use the TabSite widgests and tools to create your page layout, background, header, footer, etc.  sweepstakes-icon.png
  • Then where you want the Sweepstakes to appear on your fan page, drag the Sweepstakes widget (shown here) to your page from the Widget area. 


  • The Sweepstakes setup portal will open  (as seen below).  The key areas are:
    • Pre-Sweepstakes - Where you setup what appears before Sweepstakes goes live
    • Live Sweepstakes - Setup your main sweepstakes message and form
    • Post-Sweepstakes - Setup the closing time and message after entry time has closed
    • Container Properties tab - This is where you set background color for your sweepstakes widget, as well as text and link colors.  Note if you have a overall tab background set, the widget will inherit that by default.  You can override by using this feature in the widget.

  • Pre-Sweepstakes Detail:
  • Enter the Start Date by clicking in the field.  This will open a calendar where you select the date.  If no date is selected, the Sweepstakes will start and be available as soon as you save and publish the page.

Proceed to the right and set the time, and time zone to use.

  • Live Sweepstakes Detail:  (See Image Below)  Create your Sweepstakes introductory message and form here.  This is where you outline instructions, create the entry form, set a thank you message to display after submission, and outline the terms, rules, and privacy policy you have.

INSTRUCTIONS: For instructions, you have the option to deliver this as text, text and a image, or simply a image.  This will appear above your form on the tab.  Choose an option in the "Choose Display Type" line and then use the appropriate tab for Message or Image.  At any time you can use the "Preview" button to switch to the preview mode for that area.

FORM: First, enter the e-mail address that you want the form submissions to deliver to.  We recommend you type this e-mail address in.  (NOTE: We can't guarantee delivery to all e-mail addresses as thngs such as your spam filters can impact this.  Please test!)  Below this is the "Field Width" which is how wide your form fields will be to fit well within your design.  They should never be larger than 480 px to allow room for the field name.  You then have the option to rename your "Submit" button, so if you want to say "Enter!" you can, etc. Currently there is no storage of submitted entries, they are simply delivered to you via e-mail.  We will add a storage and export feature in Phase 2 of Sweepstakes tentatively planned for summer 2012.

To change a field name in your sweepstakes form, simply click on the green box with the pencil icon it it.  This allows you to rename the field title to whatever you choose.  Click the "Add Field" link to add a new field and use the arrows to reorder your fields.  The field types can be a simple text entry field or you can select to make it a "Comments" field to allow easier input of more text.  Check "Required" if you want the form field to be a required field that must have input in order for submission to occur.  Once complete, proceed by clicking "Next" or going to the "Thank You Message" tab.

Thank You Message - As shown below, you have the option to enter a url that those submitting a entry are taken to after they submit their sweepstakes entry (see Unlisted Pages for how to create a unlisted page in TabSite for this)


TERMS:  This is the area where you can outline specific Terms, Rules, and your Privacy Policy.  Facebook requires a disclaimer that the Sweepstakes is not affiliated with them or us as the App Developer.  As a 3rd Party App, use of Sweepstakes via TabSite meets Facebook's guidelines for promotions.  So, we have a required message visible at the start of terms and you are able to add your further terms, specify your rules, and outline your privacy policy via text or via urls to that information.



Statement that is always at the top of terms:  "This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed associated with, or administered by Facebook or the App Developer of this Sweepstakes. Your entry affirms you understand you are giving a complete release to Facebook and the Developers of this App and that you are not providing your information to Facebook or the App Developer."

TERMS, RULES, PRIVACY:  We also give you "starter language" to help you outline further terms, rules of the sweepstakes, and a privacy policy.  These are simply starters to help you outline your own full and complete version and these are not meant to be complete and applicable to all situations. It is up to you to outline the needed details to cover your company adequately.

POST SWEEPSTAKES: (see image below) This is where you set the End Date of the sweepstakes which removes the "Live Sweepstakes" form submission from your fan page tab. If no end date is set, then the sweepstakes will run indefinitely. 

Enter the End date.

Select method of message in "Choose Display Type." Note: You have the option to outline a message (text and/or image) to display to visitors after the sweepstakes entry time has closed.

Use relevant tab based on selection above to add message and/or image.



PREVIEW: There is "Preview" button at the top and bottom of the Sweepstakes portal enabling the TabSite Manager to click through Pre, Live, and Post tabs to see each view of the sweepstakes.  If one area is not shown, check the "Choose Display Type" in that area back in the edit mode to ensure you have it set appropriately.


Once complete, make sure you select "Accept" to save your Sweepstakes widget updates and then on the page tab, you need to use one of the "Save" functions to save the updates to your Page tab (see below).


This window will appear. Just choose Save & Continue  to save what you are doing and keep working, or Save and Close, and click Okay for the succeeding windows.


Type your Page Name and click Save.


Lots of POWER, lots of flexibility, loads of ways to customize to create the sweepstakes you want! 

To promote viral sharing we recommend using the TabSite "Share", "Send", "Like", "Tweet", and "Google +1" widgets on the sweepstakes page and consider using the "Unlisted Sub-Page" option as your "Thank You" url so you can customize the thank you and have all the social sharing tools right there for users to select on the "Thank You" page!

Your Sweepstakes winner is yours to determine from those who have submitted entries. There is not a winner generated for you.   Launch a TabSite Sweepstakes today!