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Google Plus 1 Button

TabSite is pleased to a widget enabling TabSite users to add the Google +1 button to their TabSite custom Facebook Fan Page tabs, website or blog.  See example here:


With over 10 million persons already using Google Plus, the Google +1 feature is a great addition to the TabSite family of widgets within the Drag N Build System.

Users can simply drag the widget onto the fan page tab, web or blog site they are creating, set the url they want users to "Plus 1" and then drag the Google Plus 1 icon exactly where they want it on the fan page.  THAT"S IT!  YOU ARE DONE!


Here is the Google Plus 1 widget icon as you would see it in the TabSite Manager. 


The +1 gives you another tool to increase social sharing of your fan page custom tab content across the web!

First, drag the Google+1 widget icon to the editing board below.


After dragging, this will appear. This functions to customize properties of your widget by filling it up with the details.



EDITING A PREVIOUSLY CREATED CONTENT WIDGET: To edit the content that you have previously added to your TabSite, right click on your Content, and click on edit. This will bring up your editor again.  

You can also go to the "Layers" tab in the TabSite Manager below "Widgets" and click the Edit link next to the Content Widget you want to edit.





After creating your widgets and settings. Don't forget to click Save.


This window will appear. Just choose Save & Continue  to save what you are doing and keep working, or Save and Close, and click Okay for the succeeding windows.



Type your Page Name and click Save.



Easy. Powerful. Social.   That's the TabSite fan page platform!